View Full Version : How many 2009-2013 V's are 6 speeds?

06-03-13, 09:40 PM
I am the proud owner of a 2010 CTS-V Sedan in White Diamond with Recaros. When I went looking for this vehicle last fall the stipulations were it must be a sedan, 6 speed Manual, Recaros and no black ext/int (we live in s fl). I found it pretty hard to find a 6 speed manual anywhere and was wondering what percentage are 6 speeds and does a manual transmission increase or decrease the value of the car? Thanks

06-04-13, 12:00 AM
They're all six speeds, just not all manuals. I didn't want to say it, but if I don't, somebody else will.

Manuals seem to sell quickly; the listings don't linger. Whether they sell for more, I don't know.

06-04-13, 03:21 AM
I got a manual, love banging thru gears :)

06-04-13, 08:18 AM
Manuals are quite rare...mine is a six speed manual wagon that I had to order from the factory to get exactly what I wanted.

06-04-13, 10:51 AM
The statistic that's been posted in previous threads is that about 1 in 6 or about 15% of second-gen CTS-Vs have manual transmissions. I don't recall what the estimates are on the total number of CTS-Vs produced.

But they're going to build Vs for another year, so numbers will change.