: Diablosport programmer and afterarket head unit

06-03-13, 08:42 PM
So I've been having problems trying to flash my PCM with my new Diablosport Itune I-1000. The first time it worked fine, and now when I went to modify the tune, it had an error and went into recovery mode and said it needed to flash my factory tune back. It continued to error out and then the truck wouldn't start, after about 4 tries it finally went back to stock. SO I called tech support and they said it is most likely caused by my aftermarket head unit and universal wiring harness. Ok fine, but the answer they told me was to pull the HU and disconnect the wiring harness plug, flash and then re-install. This is a major pain in the ass, so Im wondering if there is a way to disable the wiring harness without actually unplugging it. He said pulling the radio fuse wont work, but maybe there is another fuse? Anyone know of this?

06-07-13, 02:21 PM
Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a list of what all the fuses do? Which one us the radio fuse? It is a real pain to remove the HU to disconnect the pac harness every time I want to modify the programming through the PCM.

06-07-13, 02:30 PM
In the DIY stickied thread, there is a link to my digital service manual thread. You can download the service manual titled "Fuses and circuit breakers". There is one for 2002 and one for 2004 models. That should help.

Edit: here is the link to my thread

the cadillac man
06-07-13, 02:39 PM
I have always known the fuse trick works for a aftermarket radio