: AC problems

06-03-13, 06:52 PM
Quick advice question for you all. My AC system is leaking and when I went to the AC shop the guy showed me where the dye leaked and it was in the back of the tray the AC compressor sits in. The guy said it was the compressor that was leaking but I've been told it was the seals by a couple friends since it's in the back and not the front. Now to fully charge the system costs about $220 for just the R12. I got prices for a new compressor from NAPA at $300 and one at Autozone for $170. I assume the seals wouldn't be much at all so I'm debating replacing the seals and charging the system, but if there's a leak then it would be time to replace the compressor and that's another charge on the R12. First question does anyone have a reasoning that I should pay the extra $130 for the one from NAPA? Second for those prices and how much it costs to charge the system would I be wrong in thinking to replace it all and no worry about a leak anymore?

06-03-13, 08:28 PM
Your friends are probably right. I would suggest replacing the seals, then having a shop pull a vacuum on it. If the vacuum holds, you've fixed the leak (for about ten bucks). Then, have the shop fill it.

06-03-13, 08:35 PM
These days the cheaper parts are probably from offshore. If you want it to last then go as close to OEM as possible. Yeh I agree with the just replace the seals and let her run for as long as you can before replacing stuff.....

Vladillac Khrougham
06-04-13, 07:43 PM
I did want to start a new AC thread, but dont want to highjack this thread either.

I have in my '92 Brougham the two main interior HVAC ducts out while while servicing the audio system somewhat recently when turning on the AC it makes an unnatural rumble (like maybe a lose nut or loose fitting for 5-15 seconds on start up then quiets down but still subjectively sounds like maybe its making a bit more noise than it should be. Otherwise blows crisp cold air. After disconnecting the battery is there a way I can self service or inspect it? What is the proper nomenclature used in the GM 91/92 Cadillac Brougham service manuel (or appreciatively page number/section dealing with this unit) to describe the unit that blows the air into the cabin?