: Allante pull down motor

06-03-13, 04:36 PM
Good afternoon all,

My neighbor purchased an Allante early last year and since then I've been trying to help him get it back on the road (he's in his early 70s so it's hard for him to work on it)

Long story short I've got her all running except for this one annoying thing. The pull down motor on the back keeps cycling back and forth and never "holds" the top down. It will pull it down tight but then just cycle right back up.

I've read this article several times http://www.allantesource.com/pdmotors.htm but with no real success. Is there anything else I could try.

This is on a 92 or 93 Allante perl white with a black cloth top. In the article it says you can manually make the motor go up and down but I've yet to find the manual switch. It seems like the motor has a failsafe that doesn't allow it to run with the back cover open so that I can watch it. Is there an override for this somehow?


06-03-13, 06:42 PM
Well as if by magic even after staring at this thing for over a week I decided to go looking for this manual switch again. I found it this time and applied the bendy fix as described in the article. Now the rear top latches properly :)

06-05-13, 09:30 AM
Just to qualify my response, I'm no expert. I had a similar problem in the past and it seems like your can loosen the bolts holding the mechanism down and move the mechanism down slightily. There's a trigger that once you hit it the motor cycles the top back up. There may be an easier way. Just be carefull not to lower the mechanism too much. If you don't hear the motor stop, mine makes a click, when it goes down then you could damage the mechanism. Check this link out, you might consider emailing this guy:

Good Luck