View Full Version : Bluetooth pairing problem and grinding sound with new to me '11 sedan

06-03-13, 03:23 PM
Just made the move up from a v1 to a v2 and have a question about 2 issues. :bonkers:

First I attempted to pair my iphone5, but the phone would never allow me to enter the pin the car gave me. The circle just spins around then says failed and eventually the car gives up too. Haven't been able to find someone with an android to test yet.

Also, there is this metal on metal grinding sound which appears to come from the front brakes when turning at low speeds like parking. I did find that TSB on the front brakes "clicking" but this is a different sound. I know the brakes are huge and there was some rust on the rotors from when the car was sitting on the lot.

Thanks guys

06-03-13, 11:04 PM

Uploaded a video with the sound.. happens either left or right when wheel is turned more than half way

06-04-13, 05:30 PM
^^^ - Never heard that one before - definitely different from the "clicking" issue. Take it to the dealer and demo the noise to them, see what they have to say. Is it coming from both front wheels or just the left front?