: 1989 Sedan DeVille

01-26-05, 03:52 PM
1989 Sedan DeVille, 88k+ miles @ post.

Pros; Luxurious appointments, interior is extremely comfortable, smooth ride, adequate acceleration, handles well, nice sound system.

Cons; Gas mileage is a little low, no CD player, itís a little tough getting over the ĎLittle ĎOl Ladyís Carí stigma.

This is easily the nicest car that I have ever owned or driven. It is very comfortable on long (5+ hrs) road trips. It handles nicely with the four-wheel independent suspension. The ride is quiet and gentle. Steering is tight and responsive while the power assist allows easy control with the slightest grip. The brakes feel a little heavy, even with power assist (may be due for service) but still stops nicely.

The interior is soft and inviting. The upholstery is velour, very soft, very comfortable! Iím told by other Cadi owners that it wears well also. There is plenty of leg room front and rear. It seats four very nicely, five is OK but six, while doable, would not be comfortable for long trips (imo).

The mileage is a tad on the disappointing side, 15 mpg avg in city, 22 mpg avg highway. I think this is due to the Throttle Body DFI, the Port Fuel Injection would probably have increased the mileage and performance noticeably, unfortunately, this wasnít available until 1990.

It has cassette but no CD, but I have adapted to using a portable CD/MP3 player with the system and also can still play tapes. The digital instrument panel is easy to see, looks good, I like the green color (have seen cars with red/orange instrument panels and donít like the look as well).

If you are looking for a car to hold itís monetary value, keep looking. If you are looking for an exceptional value/cost ratio and enjoy leisurely cruising, find one of these with low miles and well kept body/interior, you will be very happy with it as am I. ( :confused: I never though I would like a four door sedan let alone buy oneÖ :suspense: what was I thinking?Ö. :crying2: WHATís HAPPENED TO ME?!! IíM TURNING INTO MY OLD MAN!!!! :bonkers: ARRRrgghhhhh!!ÖÖ:banghead: Oh, sorry..)


Fred Fachman
02-19-05, 11:46 AM
I had a 1989 Sedan deVille that I purchased with 90,000 miles in 1995. I contacted the previous owner and he told me he had absolutely no problems with it. I drove it to 248,000 and the only repair I made was an alternator replacement. I consistently made 22-25 MPG on the road and averaged 19 all the time. I have owned many Cadillacs and this '89 was the most durable. I sold it in '01 and assume the current owner is still enjoying it.

10-22-05, 03:29 PM
I have had a 90 Deville sedan for about a year. The car had 112,000 on it when I got it. So far I like the V8 power, this car is best on open highway. It glides along at 70 mph with no problem. Mileage is OK on the highway, stop and start driving is where the care sucks the gas. I had to replace the water pump, radiator, and repair the passenger side window when a small plasic part broke. I have also had to lube the electric door locks. The new water pump and plug wire repair added several miles to the gallon extra. I am now having trouble with the idle. The interior and sound system are great. Lots of room in the trunk and rear seat.

This is my first Caddy, I would like to upgrade to a 2003/4 DTS or Escalade ESV in the future.

12-19-07, 01:59 PM
Not to rain on you guys, but ditch your 89-90's and get a 91-93. I owned a 90, and now own a 91, and the differences are amazing. The ride quality is much improved (possibly to try and keep up with Lincoln's redesigned and phenomenal 1990 Town Car until the 1994 redesign), the 4.9 is more refined, and more powerful. As far as fuel mileage, the 4.9 for some reason gets better with more power, always a plus. But as far as 'old lady's car', I beg to differ. The 4.9 powered Devilles offer tire smoking takeoffs (I've smelt the burning rubber more than once in mine) and handling that is unprecedented in a car of this size. These cars handle as well, if not better than many smaller cars I have driven. I am constantly amazed at how well these cars handle. You won't take 90 degree turns at supersonic speeds, but you can take onramps at speeds that will send your body sideways, but the car itself stays level without tire squeal, even on the cheap Goodyear Allegras i installed (I didn't know any better at the time).

05-23-10, 11:49 PM
You guys have confused me now. I have looked at 3 different Devilles which I'm wanting for a collection. I'm figuring on purchasing one per year until my retirement providing my money holds out in this horrible economy. But I still want to drive them in the summer and just enough in the other months to keep them running OK. I have found 3 that are all low mileage meaning under 30,000 original miles. One is an 89 coupe Deville with the soft top. Another is a 91 Sedan deville. Final one is a 92 Sedan Deville, Lasalle. They all look very nice. I just don't know which one will do better. I know that stinkin little 4100 was a big mistake and gm pellets had to be used on the earlier 80s models. That ruined Cadillac for quite sometime and probably gave Mercedes and BMW and the Japanese the edge. Then the 4.5 was a major improvement in 89 and finally the 4. 9 before the northstar in 94 wasn't it? Which would you buy of the three I spoke of? I like quality, ride, stereo, and hefty power. But reliability is very important also. Thanks

05-25-10, 06:07 PM
I just bought a 1989 Cadillac Sedan DeVille with 77k miles on it, garage kept (whole life), one owner (older woman). it is in mint condition. Love it already.