: What is a typical Interest Rate on a Smartbuy?

01-26-05, 03:20 PM
Anyone have any information on what APRs are usual for a 48month Smartbuy on a CTS-V? For those of you that did Smartbuy what APR dd you get, if you don't mind saying?

The Cadillac Calculator defaults to 8% - but IMO thats seems to be a horrid rate. I have good credit, am a home owner, and a current GM owner (03 Saab 93 that I got 0% on during one of their APR deals).

Anyhow - just trying to get a feel for the APR on a Smartbuy, as with what I'm putting down 1% seems to change the monthly by around $100.

Any help appreciated in advance.

01-26-05, 03:39 PM
I'm out of town right now, or I would go check, but I think it was around 5.9% when I did the deal in December.New '05 V

$690/mo for 48months with ZERO out of pocket or down which includes Gap Insurance (w/o would have been $660/mo). I tried getting gap independently and couldn't find an insurance company that offered it in Texas. The sale price with certificates and rebates came out to $46k. Then in Texas we pay full taxes up-front, so the financed amount was $49k and change.

Hope this helps,


01-27-05, 08:41 AM
Thanks! It does help. I can swallow 5.9% but definitely not 8%.

Now to go to GMBuypower and get this deal done before the 28th rolls by :)

01-28-05, 10:54 AM
Well I'm going thru the initial negotiations with some dealers in this area (Ohio) and one is now telling me over email that the Smartbuy APR is like 9%. This is with him knowing nothing more on me than I am a homeowner and have good credit.

9%??? Thats insane! Is that reality or is this guy just feeding me a line?