: Cold Air Intake

01-26-05, 01:46 PM
I spent the whole week thinking about how to install one for my Catera 97 and then I came up with an idea which i think would get pretty close to having one. First, I replaced the panel filter with a K&N one and then made some modification with the air intake tube in front ,just behind the grills (those who have a catera might have noticed this). It is directly connected to a hole near the bottom of the air filter box. First, I taped the part where the plastic tube in front connects to the mesh tube that goes into the filter box with a duct tape to make it secure. And then i created an opening in the front part of the elbow shaped tip of the tube. What I am talking about is the tip that is screwed into the body of the car. I noticed that the opening of this tip is directed upwards to a small hole where air is suppose to go through. I thought that by creating a bigger opening just where the tip bends will cause more cold air to go into the pipe leading to the filter box. Then i thought, what if water gets into the tube and eventually gets into the box. To solve this, i drilled 3/16 holes under the tube just where the tube slightly bends and since if you look at it when it is attached properly, that part of the tube is the lowest where if you put a hole just under it, it will serve as a funnel for any water accumulation to get discarded. Now, with a high flow replacement filter(K&N) and with more cold air via the opening i created at the tip of the intake tube, I guess I have just created a more effective air intake than let's say a short ram. I may be wrong about this. Well, just sharing my experience. Hopefully, it saves me a little gas along the way. Peace :)

01-27-05, 10:14 PM
You should post a picture or two of what youve done... id like to see myself. :coolgleam

01-28-05, 06:33 PM
Don't worry, i am going to do that as soon as possible. I am thinking that it should work, at least better than just replacing the original air filter with a high flow one like the K&N.

01-30-05, 03:35 PM
Here is a picture of what i did with the air intake. You will notice the cut i did with the tip of the intake tubing. I guess all Cateras have this intake tube that I am talking about. It connects directly to the air filter box. So if you are going to replace the filter with a high flow filter like K&N then i guess it would be like having a cold air intake.

01-30-05, 03:36 PM
And by the way, don't forget to drill holes at the bottom of this tube where it bends a little which will serve as outlet for water or moist that can get inside the tube.