: replacement key and fob

06-03-13, 06:59 AM
Just purchased 2010 CTS, it only had one key,, do I have to go to a dealer for replacement,, or aftermarket.

C "T" ess
06-03-13, 10:57 AM
you can find them on ebay, but be sure to read the sellers feedback before buying. Make sure he hasn't had negative comments about what he sells. Some say they are counterfeit or aftermarket; I haven't had that experience. Just make sure the FCC numbers on the back of your remote match the second one you want to buy. You may want to look at the bottom of your remote and if it has the memory function it should have a #1 or #2. When buying the remote buy the number you don't have. If you don't have the memory option, then that isn't necessary. The dealer will have to code the remote to the car. I have always had a third remote and never had a problem with the dealer re-coding them during a warranty visit or oil change and they have never charged me.

06-04-13, 07:15 PM
I believe If you have two and are adding one more you can do It In the car in the center console theres a spot to do it.