: Cadillac 1969 dashboard warning lights?

06-03-13, 04:34 AM

Should all warning lights glow when car is not running, but power is on?

I just noticed that only oil light and generator light glow when car is not running but ignition power is on. Engine temp light glows when keys are in ignition and power is off. When I turn power on, engine temp light turns off. Brake warning light and water temp light never glows.

Are my warning lights working correctly?

06-03-13, 03:59 PM
Your car is operating normally.

cadillac kevin
06-03-13, 07:12 PM
that's how the lights in my 74 apollo lit up when the car was set to run but not running. I say it's working properly.

06-05-13, 07:12 AM
Okay, thanks.

It's good to know my warning lights work properly.