View Full Version : 2005 CTS-V has auto resetting TPS???

01-26-05, 12:12 PM
Ok, had my tires rotated and asked if the tire pressure sensor (TPS) were resetted, so the car knows what wheel is where. I was told that starting in 05, the TPS are auto reset??? Is my service advisor blowing smoke up my A** or not??? Does anyone know?:suspense:

01-26-05, 12:29 PM
Go to a local gas station with an avialable to public air hose/supply, pick one wheel, let some air out of it and see if the CORRECT tires in the DIC responds, then you will have your answer. Be sure to refil the tire to the correct PSI when you are done.

01-26-05, 12:36 PM
New to me.... any 2005 owner who has rotated their tires care to chime in?


01-26-05, 12:45 PM
I would love someone to chime in. According to Andy, Service Advisor at Moore Cadillac, here in Vienna, VA, nears Tyson's Corner, CTS-V's starting in 2005, no TPS intervention is required when you rotate tires. They reset themselevs. This doesn't make any sense to me. But that's what I was told.:hmm:

01-26-05, 12:58 PM
I had my 05 "V" tires rotated last week and they did, indeed, reset the TPS with a hand-held computer. Was it necessary? Now you have me curious!

01-26-05, 01:10 PM
no, mine are definitely not auto-resetting.
gotta DIY

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Redline CTS-V
01-26-05, 01:36 PM
If your vehicle has run-flat tires, the Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) system will need to have the sensors reset after a tire rotation is performed. A special tool is needed to reset the sensor identification codes. See your dealer for service.

Excerpt from the service manual for 2005. So either the manual is wrong or the advisor is.

I know that I've had to have mine "trained" when rotating the tires...

01-26-05, 01:47 PM
Actually you can do it yourself. It is very simple. Instructions are on page 5-66 of your manual. I have done it on a couple of Cadillacs with no problems. No tools required. Older versions required a magnet (CTS-V's do not) rather than letting air out to reprogram. I bought a couple of magnets at Radioshack for those and they work fine.

01-26-05, 01:47 PM
If your vehicle has run-flat tires, the Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM)

And what difference if your car has (or does NOT have) run flat tires, answer: NONE. Not arguing with you Redline, just showing how silly GM can be sometime.

01-26-05, 03:00 PM
I think most of the misconceptions that appeared in the various replies to this thread have been corrected, more or less. To summarize:

1. There is no indication that any of the TPM systems including 2005 models can automatically correct the assignment of the wheel position on the display. If the wheels are moved, the new positions must be learned using the learning procedure described in the service manual. This is probably a myth started by the fact that someone observed that the TPM display still indicate correct tire pressure after a rotation, but did bother to check the position display. The Vogue manager at my dealership thought the same thing.

2. No special tools are required for the CTS. The method of letting air out of the tire to trigger the TPM works fine on all CTSs. In fact, the 2004 CTS Service Manual says that the method of using a magnet to trigger the TPM will not work on the CTS.

3. I think the question of whether or not the magnet method works or not depends on the model rather than the year. I know that 2004 Devilles require the magnet; letting the air out does not work on this model.

4. A stack of five dougnut magnets from Radio-Shack works fine. Other strong magnets also work. The Vogue manager at my dealership uses the magnetic temporary license plate holder.

4. All models and years can be programmed using the Scan Tool or an equivalent.

01-26-05, 03:09 PM
Instructions to reprogram can be found here:



01-26-05, 04:59 PM
I rotated my tires when I did my first oil change at 1085. I now have 2350 and my tire pressure readout has worked fine since.

I guess if there was aproblem it would let me know, right?

01-26-05, 05:04 PM
OK... I just got my car from Moore Cadillac here in Northern Virginia and spoke with the Service Manager, since I didn't trust the service advisor, and he stated that in 2005, the TPM resets themselves and you do not have to do anything... he even showed me the tech manual page. So, that means you can rotate your tires and drive away... no reprogram needed.

I can't believe it but it seems true.

01-26-05, 05:37 PM
homer403 and CTSV05 do what I suggested in post #2, then we'll see for sure, please report back.

Yes they work fine but they are in the wrong places ;)

01-26-05, 06:05 PM
After swapping wheels on my '05, the TPS did not reset themselves. Only walking through the procedure Reed has on the FAQ did they work properly again.

01-26-05, 09:46 PM
Given that the service manager was telling me the truth... it is a netrual set up and the TPM computer will read the TPS based on location, bah bah bah... it is in GM's service manual... and they didn't reset anything... well, I did my test and:

I dropped 5 lbs from the left rear and guess what.... it read RIGHT.... go figure.:eek:

01-26-05, 09:52 PM
I'll check too.

01-26-05, 09:58 PM
Well, I just let air out of my now left front, and my indicator showed my left rear as being low.

So I will need to reset.

Now its really confusing??!!

Apparently, you will need to check just to be sure.

01-26-05, 09:58 PM
Oh, by the way... anyone with questions should call Joe Moore (service manager) at Moore Cadillac... 703-790-0950. If this is true, then this is a new feature the 2005 have over the 2004 CTS-V. :eek:

01-27-05, 01:32 AM
Service advisors (most of them) are not too bright.... I bet the tech did the manual reset and the service advisor blew smoke out his rear end (hopefully he didn't blow his rear end like my cts-v did).


01-27-05, 02:22 AM
I dropped 5 lbs from the left rear and guess what.... it read RIGHT.... go figure.:eek:

1. Right as in the CORRECT Tire Location???(that's a 1 in 4 shot they put the same tire back in the same location)


2. You were working on the left rear and the TPS in the dash showed you working on the right rear.

Sorry just want to get full carification, Homer was that 1 or 2?


01-27-05, 07:24 AM
"Right" as in the correct tire. Again, let me state that I am giving the benefit that my Cadillac service manager is telling me the truth when he said they "reset nothing" after my tire rotation.... that's why I gave you all his phone number.... so I dropped 5 lbs from the "left rear"... and drove off and "left rear" read low. Of course, this is after the tire rotation a day ago.Now, I'm thinking that someone must have reset my TPM and no one told him.... but again he told me that the GM service manual for the 2005 CTS-V requires no manaul reset.:cookoo: I know, I know, doesn't make on bit of sense is why I wrote this thread.

01-27-05, 10:10 AM
I have yet to see any GM documentation that says new TPM systems can keep track of wheel position. If they can, I would really like to know how it works. The TPMs communicate with a receiver in the car (the same one that works with the remote fob) and this receiver would have to have some sort of directional capability to know which position a particular wheel is in.

Obviously, if you rotate the tires the wheel position will change. However, if you install new tires, it is possible to return the wheels to the same positions and not need to relearn. Another possibility is that with directional tires that require a front-to-back only rotation pattern, the wheels would be back in their original positions after the second rotation. A double-crossover rotation pattern produces the same result. A combination front-to-back and crossover pattern would require four rotations to return the wheels to their original positions.

One possibility for an automatically adjusting TPM system would be to shorten the range of the TPM transmitter and put a separate receiver at each wheel position. How much additional cost would that generate?

01-27-05, 11:24 AM
I recommend that someone with more technical "know how" then me call my service manager at Moore Cadillac 703-790-0950, ask for Joe Moore, and have him explain it to you how it works and post it here?