: storing engine and tranny

06-03-13, 01:56 AM
I'm planning on rebuilding the 472 and tranny in my hearse. The body is turning into a bigger project than I can handle and I have a guy that's interested in it. So I'm thinking of pulling the motor and tranny and storing them til next summer when I rebuild them. Any tips for storage?

06-03-13, 10:16 AM
Before pulling the engine drop the oil and replace it with a 15W-40 or higher grade oil and run that in the engine for awhile. This oil has better adhesive properties and will cling to the rotating parts helping preserve the engine for future use. You can drop the oil and it will still have oil to coat everything. You can add Motor Medic, STP, GM - EOS, or Rislone oil treatment to increase or enhance this property. What position to store the engine? Always a dilemma for me. Upright, in the position as it sits in the vehicle? Standing on it's tail? Upside down? Better yet, allow for the need to keep it lubricated and keep oil in the pan, the engine upright as it sits in the vehicle, and pull the distributor out every 6 months or so to drive the pump and circulate the oil using an old, worn distributor without the cam gear and a drill motor. ( Wonder why I ask members for their old worn, broken distributors?) I use old supermarket carts, without the basket and set the engine in that. Then if I need to move it, it goes a little easier. ( The wheels need to rotate every now and then, or else they flatten out.) Put Steel Wool or rag in the exhaust outlets and a cover on the carb. (You can get these from some speed shops.) The Steel Wool to keep out any critters which may be looking for nesting opportunities. You would be surprised. I just removed the rear bumper from a Brougham I got from a JY and mice had all of the bumper filled with material to make the biggest nest I've seen yet. Best of luck.:)

The Ape Man
06-03-13, 09:52 PM
I like to fog mine with transmission fluid. It positively kills carbon buildup which is always a problem on valve stems on these engines.