: Aux audio (again) - A2DP Bluetooth / HD Radio Tuner

06-02-13, 09:45 PM
So I've been looking at all the devices offered at the PAC-Audio website.

I've already got the ISGM574 (http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=906&CategoryID=36) - "iSimple GateWay™ / PXAMG GateWay Interface"

Available separately, the HD Radio Tuner (HDRT) gives users more channels, more content, in exciting new formats—all with no subscription fees.
It can also be expanded with the iSimple BluStream Bluetooth Interface (Select Vehicles).
It allows connection of any two devices at once: iPod cable, AUX cable, SCC1 Satellite Tuner, HD Radio Tuner, or Bluetooth module.

I am wondering if anyone has used any of the other options that this interface provides.

Considering getting the Bluetooth module hoping for better functionality than the car provides to me using the native bluetooth module.
ISBT21 (http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=917&CategoryID=55)

Pair up to 8 phones
Caller ID
Remembers previous incoming calls
Supports A2DP Streaming Audio
Separate microphone, hands free, ringer & A2DP volume adjustment.

It claims that its only guaranteed to work with the iPhone.
But being Bluetooth it _should_ work with other devices.
I would assume that it would display track information but there isn't anything that explicitly says it does.

If the A2DP setup with that BT module works I would also consider getting the HDRT (http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=279&CategoryID=38) module too.
I've never had a HD Radio Tuner before but it might be worth it.
It looks like it has you bypass the OEM radio tuner in favor of this unit, basically unplugging the antenna from the radio and connecting to this instead.
Unsure if this would be worthwhile or not ... really depends on how cumbersome the tuning is.

06-06-13, 06:12 PM
While I was on the line with their tech support for the NU-STS I asked if the BT21 unit did display track info on the nav unit, it is possible that the tech didn't know but he claimed it doesn't display any info on the radio.

Based on the install guide it kind of look like it would:
A2DP Controls
Navigation Radios
1. Play/Pause - Press SEEK ▼ to Play/Pause the song that is selected.
2. Changing Tracks - Turn the TUNE KNOB to change tracks

Non-Navigation Radios
1. Play/Pause - Press PRESET 4 to Play/Pause the song that is selected.
2. Changing Tracks - Turn the TUNE KNOB to change tracks

If it has the functions above then I would have to assume it also supports the AVRCP profile 1.4 that does:

AVRCP has several versions with significantly increasing functionality:
1.0—Basic remote control commands (play/pause/stop, etc.)
1.3—all of 1.0 plus metadata and media-player state support
The status of the music source (playing, stopped, etc.)
Metadata information on the track itself (artist, track name, etc.).
1.4—all of 1.0 and 1.3 plus media browsing capabilities for multiple media players
Browsing and manipulation of multiple players
Browsing of media metadata per media player, including a "Now Playing" list
Basic search capabilities
1.5—all of 1.0, 1.3 and 1.4 plus specification corrections and clarifications to absolute volume control, browsing and other features


After doing some googling / you tubing it would seem that the radio just displays 'STREAMING' while you are listening to music.
I wasn't able to find a Nav unit for GM, but the acura TL with nav that I found just shows "STREAMING".

For call related:
It does display DIALING / CALLING / ACTIVE / PRIVACY / HANGUP / READY / INCOMING / 800 867 5309 for incoming calls (actual incoming number though)

For the HDRT there is title / artist information for the nav unit at least in the 2008 acadia and some preset functionality but it doesn't use the preset buttons to access them it looks like you seek to the next preset in the list.

06-07-13, 12:47 PM
The Isgm574 was an option that was pitched to me in an effort to upgrade my non nav base Bose system. I'll soon find out while getting my alarm installed if the back of my base radio has an input option.

06-07-13, 07:22 PM
It's been posted here that like the CTS radio, there is a line-level feed for XM that can be tapped on the cheap.