: P0102/B1009/U1301 and others HELP!!!

01-26-05, 09:37 AM
OK got my codes
P0102 Mas low freq? WHat does this mean?What is th e fix.

U1301 Short to Bat. Again what does this mean do I need to check something?

U1016 Class 2 Comm with VCM and PCM well thats nice....eeeekkkk!!

On top of that... NO codes for A/C but A/C no worky. blows regular air and the compressor is not on......I searched and found I first need to check my fuse contacts which I will.....I would suppose this may be the most logical since I have no A/C trouble codes.

Your help would be appreciated.....

If you in dallas and can help me out with the fix and meaning of codes you get a free six pack of your choice or a sandwich at my Deli!

01-26-05, 10:53 AM
P0102; you probably mean MAF sensor circuit low frequency. Clear the code(s) and see if it returns. If this code returns you can check the fuse labeled IGN 1 in the underhood junction box and inspect the wiring and connector at the MAF which is between the throttle body and the air filter plumbing (the connector is directly in front of the transmission vent hose).

Clearing the codes should also solve your "U" code problems. Many times U codes are set by nuisance values and are false.

01-26-05, 10:58 AM
does thwe underhood fuse location get dirty alot? I ask this because my ac system issue looks like a dirty connection also?

01-26-05, 12:00 PM
Mine does not get dirty other than road splash. I would investigate the source if you have dirt clinging to oil which might point to a leaking joint in your A/C plumbing.