: Penske Cadillac- California USA-Benchmark!

01-26-05, 09:13 AM
Attention Cadillac Dealers ,

I am often in LA on business and I have been watching the transformation of Penske ( formally Moran) Cadillac in Torrance CA. I flew in last night and on my way to the hotel I drove past the most beautiful Cadillac dealer I have ever seen. It is visually stunning and every Cadillac dealer in the Nation should look at what Penske did and follow suit.

Interesting to note that right next door to this Cadillac dealer, BMW has built a ground up mega dealershp that is also stunning. Thankfully, the Cadillac dealer stands up to this beautiful BMW delaership . Way to go Penske !

Wake Up New York Cadillac Dealers, it's 2005 !!

01-26-05, 04:19 PM
Good to hear! This is exactly what Cadillac needs everywhere.

01-26-05, 06:31 PM
I used to drive by that dealership everyday. They really are on top of their game! I have to say that the Bimmers next door look pretty dated and boring next to the XLR's, STS's, CTS's, SRX's, and Escalades..

12-18-05, 08:13 PM
This dealership is nice. But don't judge a dealership's service quality based on how nice their garages are.

Cadillac owners in this area, BEWARE of this dealership when you need service on your caddy. (Penske, Torrance, CA)

I brought my seville here to get the AC system charged. $145, which is about average. I instructed them that I just bought the car used and that I want to establish a relationship with a dealership service I can trust. I further warned them that I used to work on the HVAC systems of GM cars, and that's why I know that I only need a refill of refrigerant. They said ok. They will inspect it and recharge it.

While I was at lunch waiting, they call me with some "recommendations". They said the high pressure line is deteriorating and sooner or later it will start to leak. It is deteriorating due to its rubbing up against another "line".

I said "How much will that be?"

The guy said, "An additional $315."

"Well, did you inspect the lines?" Are there any leaks?"

"No, sooner or later though, it will start to leak."

I said, "Well if there are no leaks right now, let's just stick with the original plan and just recharge the system."

When I came back, I found the mechanic that worked on my car and requested to see the "deteriorating" line. He showed me. When I saw what he was talking about, I almost pissed myself. Now most of you who own a seville can see the AC lines when you open the hood. They are aluminum lines about less than half an inch in diameter you see next to the fuse box. I asked the mechanic to pin point the deteriorating line. Well, let me just show you a picture of what I saw. See both attachments below. You’ll see that this was a ridiculous recommendation just to generate more "business" and money for the dealership. I'm sure I'm not the only one they tried to pull an additional $315 fast one on.

I DO NOT recommend that you take your caddy here for service. If you go in for one thing, they will call you over the phone and recommend other things that need to be replaced or fixed that are as ridiculous as what I just showed you, hoping that you agree over the phone, and never see what the hell they are talking about. I'm not saying they pick anything to recommend to replace, they are not that crazy, but from this experience it seems that they do look for anything that is barely less than 100% and recommend to fix it. They are technically not lying to you, but let's be real, it doesn't need to be replaced. BEWARE. There are many other Caddy dealer services available, I would try my luck there before this dealership any day.

Please see attached pics. The nicks you see are incredibly minor, and that aluminum line is AT LEAST 1/8 inch thick!! Deteriorating my ass. The black line is a very flexible plastic protection for the electrical lines. I find it very hard to believe that the flexible plastic black protection covering is gonna deteriorate the 1/8 inch thick Aluminum line. I don't know how those nicks got there, but I can tell you and you can see for yourself if you own one of these sevilles that the flexible plastic line could not create those nicks and will DEFINITELY not cause deterioration of the Aluminum a/c line.

Penske Cadillac of Torrance CA just lost my business. I need to replace my front motor mount which is over a $500 job. I'll try my luck elsewhere.

Good luck other caddy owners, and I hope you post other bad business practices so honest people like us don't get robbed.

01-14-08, 07:12 PM
I have owened Caddy's for the past 20 years or so.
I purchased from Moran Cad, noiw Penske. When I went in for warranty work under Penske, they did not want to honor my Gold Key warranty. They wanted to charge for rental if the car needed repairs.

I believe there is a problem with th emotor mounts they use as the last three cads have had at least 2 per car replaced.