: Cars and Coffee - Phoenix / Scottsdale Area

06-02-13, 01:49 PM
I went out to the monthly cars and coffee meet in Scottsdale on Saturday with the V. I was surprised to see that I was the only V there...the only Cadillac in fact. It was an amazing showing as far as the vehicles that did come...everything from an ACR Viper to a Mercedes SLR to more Ferrari 458s than I could count (and yes plenty of lower profile vehicles as well). They do this event the first Saturday morning of every month in North Scottsdale and it has grown substantially over the last two months...so...where are my Phoenix area V-owners at? Anyone interested in cruising into next month's meet?

06-02-13, 11:50 PM
different state and city... Great Falls, VA it's a weekly event here. I went with my Vagon. There was a blackdiamond coupe, and a white 4 door CTS-V that I saw, without owner (he was off looking at the Aventador, or the McLarens, or Pantera race car, who knows). Spoke to the Blackdiamond Coupe owner. I hadn't been here in > a year, he says 3-5 V owners is the norm. I would say there over 300 good cars there. Anything from Ininity G tuners, Mpower Bimmers, Porsches, Ferarris, Lambos, a Noble, 2 McLarens, a few dozen 60's muscle cars, a handful of hotrods - it's a great mix.

Was the only time (so far) that I wished for servo-activated cut-outs ;)

06-03-13, 11:06 AM
Lol, yea cutouts are my next mod.

I would say we had about 200 cars there this week which I am told was a decrease from the month before (getting hotter outside). Must have been at least 6 Ford GTs and more 997s than I could count. There are two guys here in town with Veyrons that usually show up and Craig Barret (Barret Jackson) typically shows up with one of his many cars. One of the guys who owns a Veyron also owned one of the first Aventadors but the car overheated and blew the engine. Lambo apparently took the car back and refunded him. Overall it is a great showing but not enough Vs!!! Where are my fellow valley of the sun Vs at?