: Eibach springs cut

06-02-13, 12:58 AM
Hi guys On Monday I have an appointment at my mechanic with my 2011 ctsv coupe.

He should cut my springs and should stop the ****ing noise.

Can somebody give me an installation guide to do all this.
Especially where to cut the springs.

And should I cut rears too?


06-02-13, 06:45 AM
Installation guide: Don't cut progressive springs.

The end

06-02-13, 04:43 PM
I don't get why owners deal with Eibach, at least for V2's....D3 has the exact setup and never a problem for me.

06-23-13, 05:44 PM
I installed my Eibachs a few weeks ago, I cut 5.5 inches off the springs. I think I should have done 6-6.5", BUT I have zero noise or issue. I had them put grease on top and bottom of spring just in case. Here's a before and after...

Hope this helps.