: 04 V - Won't Shift into 1st - bent shifter fork?

06-01-13, 08:52 PM
Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum and have learned a ton from everyone's posts. Honestly, I haven't done that much work on my own car, but I'm not exactly stupid when it comes to mechanics either. My dad taught me a ton. That being said... i bought this 2004 V thinking i got a wicked deal even at 150k miles. I knew it needed some transmission work, but I thought that the cost of a rebuild would still be a good deal. So i bought it, and got some transmission work done. I replaced a lot of parts. Got some bronze shifter pads from tick performance, and a new reverse, 2nd, and output shaft. It was a ton of work and set me back quite a bit. Anyway, while going on a little cruise through the canyons in utah, i noticed all of a sudden it won't shift into 1st. No matter what i do... go to reverse first then to 1st, go to second then to 1st, double clutch... doesn't matter. It's not goin into first. I'm pretty bummed at how much the transmission rebuild cost... (not to mention i can't pass emissions yet, which we will get to later) does this sound like a bent shifter fork issue, or perhaps just the shifter in general? i've tried everything to get it into first. Also, i did have a stage 1 monster clutch installed. Its definitely disengaging/engaging, and the fluid looks good and is full. Any ideas?

06-01-13, 09:06 PM
See attached.

06-02-13, 11:42 AM
Thanks a ton. I'll go through this and see whats up.

06-05-13, 03:36 PM
I would bleed the clutch. That's what the problem was for me when I couldn't access 1st.

06-06-13, 05:59 PM
I haven't been able to get to the bottom of this yet. had some other things come up this week, but im hoping i'll get it figured out this weekend. I'll post any results.

07-12-13, 01:56 PM
well, a month later, I got my car out of the shop. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, took it in and the first gear synchro was cracked. It was covered under warranty thankfully.