: Make mods, keep your parts in the car! things ro have also

06-01-13, 05:02 PM
This mostly is intended for we owners abroad, I keep a kit bag in the back of the car, with belts(old ones), brake hoses(now!) and your typical road gear, lt of oil, a bottle of brake fluid and power steering, first aid,fire extinguisher, fire blanket, flashlight, batteries jumper cables, tools, spaare bulbs (you would be surprised at the cost if you have to replace it at a station) etc etc. If you modify your brake hoses keep the old ones incase like me the new one fails and your on the road, here in Europe parts are hard to get if your not in the right place, 90% come out of Germany. If like me your hoist was never working and you remove it keep the jack in the car, even if you do have road side assistance, this being like my case I could of used it to check the brake line instead of crawling under. Check what you have for road side assistance, its well worth the price, an I did not even know mine covered so much! The new law in France is if you drive in France you are required to have a alcohol analyzer in the car, you will be fined if you do not! I got one included in my european speed camera kit Even though speed camera locations are marked before you reach it these still come in handy. But in France you have to buy a alcohol analyzer at the autobahn station, about 10 euro or 12 dollars. Less then the fine, which has to be paid on the spot! They will escort you to the nearest cash machine! In Europe you can never have too much for spares(especially for a CADDY). If you need parts go to the web site cadillac europe http://www.cadillaceurope.com/en/index.php#/sales-and-service put in the country and zip you are in and it will find the nearest parts and service, well worth it because the station will have no idea where to look for your part.
I have decide to buy a new hoist and spray the cable with lithium grease and once a year (if I have it that long) deploy it just to keep it working. How many out there know yours is working till you need it?