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06-01-13, 03:51 AM
So i have been searching trying to find an answer but cant seem to find anyone with the same problem.

I got my STS a few months ago,
it has 117k miles now the CEL came on recently and went and had it read and it needed a new gas cap.
i got a new gas cap but the light didnt go off after at least 3 fuel ups. so i disconnected the neg bat cable tfor about 30 seconds to turn it off.

i also recently went and had an oil change with full synthetic and am now sitting at 75% left of oil life.
the car has purred like a kitten since i bought it until about 4 days ago.

I noticed when i rev the engine regardless of if its hot or cold it will make a kind of rattle noise as the revs fall back to idle.

So i checked the oil. i have heard of the oil issues with these 3.6 motors and have put about 2k miles on it since the oil change.
i was approximately one qt low. so i got some mobile 1 synthetic and topped it off thinking that the low oil was the problem.

well later that day as i was jumpin on the interstate to drive home the check engine light started flashing and i lost all my power, that lasted about 15 seconds which was how long it took me to get to the side of the road. then the CEL stopped flashing and went off and hasnt returned. at which point the car seemed to be running normal again. however the "rattle" is still there.

Even though the CEL isnt on can i go and have the code read again and it tell me if i have a misfire.
it doesnt seem to be running bad but the motor is definately louder than it was. the rattle seems to be somewhat constant now and it seems to have a little less power.

anyone have any ideas or am i screwed or do i just need a good tune up?

06-01-13, 04:31 AM
A flashing CEL indicates a misfire. Even with the light off, codes will be stored as history.

06-01-13, 04:41 AM
how much should it cost to just change all the ignition coils and plugs at once

06-01-13, 04:49 AM
Get the codes read first. It might be something else: cam chain, cam chain tensioner, crank position sensor, etc., etc.

06-01-13, 09:27 AM
Sounds like timing chains... Pray no p0008 code.

06-01-13, 12:01 PM
Sounds like timing chains... Pray no p0008 code.

I second that, sounds like the chains.

06-01-13, 08:39 PM
Ugh i can imagine the chains is an expensive fix i shudder to think of it. any estimates to get the chains and tensioners completely redone cost wise?

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