: New cdes!!!!

01-25-05, 12:54 AM
After replacing the altanator in my 1998 Eldarodo Touring coupe I am now getting these codes;
PCM P0440
Every time I start up I get a reading on the dash" Check Gas Cap".
Everything is working good. What's with this read out and Comp.codes???
By the way,I wouldn't wish the job of changing the altanator on a northstar engine on my worst enemy. Thanks,Vince :coolgleam

01-25-05, 01:07 AM
The gas cap may be not sealing and pfi cars need a sealed gas tank. Try putting some grease on your cap and spin it a number of times. Worked on my 98 chevy that was pulling a code like that.

01-25-05, 10:06 AM

DTC PO440 Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System
Circuit Description
The PCM tests the EVAP system for the following conditions:
Large and small leaks (PO440 and PO442)

DTC PO603 Control Module Long Term Memory Reset
Circuit Description
The PCM has a memory area where it stores certain data it needs to save when the key is turned OFF. This area is called Keep Alive Memory. This diagnostic
test monitors the PCM's keep alive memory for a loss or unintended change of data. If such a condition ocurs, DTC PO603 will set. (if the battery has been disconnected for any reason, the DTC PO603 will set) The PCM keeps a running check on the memory; if memory changes it resets. An intermittent loss of power or ground to the PCM will cause a reset.

"all this from the 98 Eldorado E/Ksp Platform 2nd Ed service manual" Check some threads on this great site for access to manuals or get one for yourself....everything you wanted to know about that Eldo is in it.

Yank, I once merely failed to put the fuel cap on my 98 Eldo on properly and the green screen told me to stop and check the cap. How can we beat a vehicle that tells us what is wrong with it?

Good luck!

01-25-05, 03:32 PM
:) Thank U for the info and the fast replys. Vince :) :)