: Magnaflow exhaust installed on a 2010 CTS ADW

waunakee wayne
05-31-13, 06:16 PM
This is my first post ,but first I would like to say thanks to everyone that participates in this forum. I have been sitting on the side line just sucking up all the info posted here. I was a little frustrated with my AWD CTS that there wasn't much you could do to make it a little peppier.
I decided a month ago I was going to install some upgrades. My first was a CAI than I knew from my experience that that wouldn't do much tell I could get some air flowing. Only thing available to me was a Gibson axle back and I think there's another company that offers a axle back but I can't remember the name.I tried installing the Gibson system and it should of been easy but it was far from that it was frustrating. nothing lined up correctly ,the outlets weren't lining up and the drivers side pipe hit the axle link,( I do have pic's I could post later.) I got it on long enough to drive the car and wanted it off asap.Very disappointed, I decided to buy the Magnaflow cat-back system and put my car in the air.( I know they say it can't be done) First thing I noticed was that it looked doable with a little engineering.I took off the the stock system and put the first piece up in place and noticed that the crossover pipe hit the transmission , so I loosely attached then tightened,the pipe need to be bent up and away from trans,so I heated it up and slowly /gradually made the turn around and up so it went parallel to the back of the car.The cross brace under the drive shaft needed lowered about 1.5 inches. I did that with a spacer and inch longer bolts .The rest was pretty easy and bolted up. Only other problem was the arrestor tubes were so close that I decide to tack weld to make sure that it wouldn't rattle.The system at the transmission sits down about 2 inches lower but for me that's doable without worrying about it hitting anything. I don't think I'll be doing any four wheeling :) ( I do have pictures if you would like me to post.) I've had the system on for a couple of days and I'm happy:) Sounds a 1000 times better than the Gibson axle back and 2000 percent better than stock .Next is in line is the throttle body,catch can,intake spacer and then finely a good old tune. I will let you know how she runs in the coming weeks.

05-31-13, 07:08 PM

I too have a new to me 2012 CTS4 Coupe and became frustrated when I started looking around for some very simple mods and found that it is difficult to find "bolt-on" tried and true mods. So like you - I have been a student here for the last few months.

I am looking for an easy suspension upgrade to lower and firm it up just a bit, an exhaust upgrade like yours and perhaps few power upgrades so it moves out of its own way just a bit nicer.

All of this without voiding the warrenty - Maybe a tall order but thats what I am looking for?

I will be very interested in the rest of your story; thanks for sharing it.


06-01-13, 09:10 PM
would love to see pics!

waunakee wayne
06-03-13, 06:00 PM
I going to attempt to add some photo's of the Gibson that didn't work and the Magnaflow system I installed that did. I have had a week with it now and boy, how I can tell that this car loves 6th gear and doesn't really feel like getting out of it's own way. Slight drone noise around 2000 rpm but not anything that would make me want to get rid of the system. Highway it is barely noticeable only with a soft hum. If you put it in sport mode is just fun hearing it howl thru the gears. So overall ,gotta love it if you like to hear your car go.
Definitely need to get a tune, but will wait tell I can order and install three more components.Catch can ,Intake spacer,upgraded throttle body.I tried to order this stuff but the place I looked at said that its all back ordered.If anyone could help me locate or tell me where to go and order this I would greatly appreciate it.I really want to finish up this project so I can move on to my next one.I hate leaving things half done.
Well enough from me here is some pictures the first few is the Gibson deal ,then the rest is the Magnaflow install.