: 96 Fleetwood purchase/ Misfire

05-31-13, 04:54 PM
Hello All,

Wanted to firstly introduce myself to the forum, I currently have an 88 Fleetwood Brougham, have owned a 95 LT1 Caprice classic and am now considering getting into a 96 Fleetwood Brougham with 120k (I miss the LT1 fun).

So I'm very interested in a local car, the owner is reporting a misfire. He went to pep-boys and they gave him the code, which he didn't remember before you ask. He also said that he just put in a brand new radiator (maybe leaked on the optispark when re-filling coolant?)
So what should I do first? try and let the optispark dry out/ wd40 in the vacuum holes? go straight for the optispark? plugs and wires?

I think I can get a good deal on this car, but don't want to jump into anything that is going to need a huuuggge amount of work. What else could potentially be causing a misfire?

I've been reading this forum for the past few days now and am very impressed with how much knowledge there is out there and how much people truly love their cars.

I figure this car could be a compromise between the weedy 307 engined Fleetwood I have and the piece of s11t Ford Focus I have to stomach!

05-31-13, 05:56 PM
Take the car for a test drive, stop by Autozone, get it scanned, tell us the code. Probably just needs plugs/wires.

05-31-13, 06:20 PM
Thanks, I hope so. Test driving tomorrow.
He says its been driving fine despite the code

05-31-13, 07:23 PM
First thing before you go to Autozone, stop thinking it is the OPTI. Many point their finger right at it but seldom is it the problem. If it didn't misfire before the radiator install, I'm guessing it's something simple. I would even doubt it needs a tuneup yet. You should be able to get 150K before that is necessary. Atleast that is my experience.

Good Luck


06-01-13, 05:34 PM
So I checked her out today after work, looks pretty good and seems to drive fine. Didn't feel a mis-fire, but was hearing a tick while driving
The main issues are -
Check engine light on
Traction control light on (brakes needed to be done if that has anything to do with it)
trim is missing on both sides at the bottom of the vinyl top at the rear (available?)
plastic trim is cracked on rear bumper (available?)
Air compressor came on a couple of times while the car was standing still, not running, is this normal?

She's a 96 with 136k, I can get into it for $2200. Worth it with the potential issues mentioned?


06-01-13, 06:31 PM
That is a good price; but with that good price you have to expect to fix a few piddly things. I think I would buy it. Not knowing where you're from, rust would be my only deal breaker.

I think Dave "95BRMW" has posted a similar problem to what your experiencing. He is very good at tracking down problems and fixing them and like most of us B & D owners, he doesn't like to spend money on repairs.