: Vanity mirror / Sun visor busted

05-31-13, 01:22 PM

Vehicle: 2010 SRX Luxury

My passenger side sun visor is busted. The hinges and the glass are both broken. I cannot find replacement parts anywhere on the web. Any ideas where I can find them?

Bonus question: Anyone know how to actually replace these parts?

Thank you.

05-31-13, 05:24 PM
Thats not a high replacement item so your only choice is order from the dealer.

07-31-14, 04:02 PM
The hinge for the plastic flap/cover over the mirror on the passenger side sun visor broke about a year ago - fortunately that was fixed under warranty. Now the hinge broke on the mirror cover on the driver's side visor. Now if I use the visor to shield my eyes from the sun, the plastic flap hangs down in an awkward position. In my case, the glass is not broken like the original post on this thread. Funny thing is that I've probably only lifted that flap four or five times the whole time that I've owned my 2010 SRX Luxury. To fix the passenger side, they replaced the entire visor. Anyone else having this problem?