: Sport Wagon News

05-30-13, 05:12 PM
Just read that the 2014 CTS Sport Wagons will be basically unchanged from 2013. While that may not sound good to some, I was happy to see that. I have been planning on one of these for awhile, but circumstances kept me from pulling the trigger on a 2013 and really didn't want the "new CTS look" for my next Caddie,. Anybody care to share your thoughts or opinions on this bit of news? Thanks a lot!

05-30-13, 09:18 PM
Cool that they are keeping them around for '14 for those who want them, along with the '14 Coupes. I feel like those two models would not have gotten the lifecycle they deserved if they were discontinued after the '13 model year.

I really hope Caddy comes out with a wagon version of the new CTS to go up against the E-Class Estate. I know chances are slim. At the end of the day I'm glad they made at least this gen of CTS wagon. Shows they have some balls. Sometimes you just gotta say "F it. Build it." And they did.