: Our First Road Trip

01-24-05, 03:27 PM
Well, my wife and I left Ohio Fri. around 2 p.m..

There was this funny orangeish-yellowish thing in the sky, we weren't sure what it was, but decided to drive anyway.

So we were heading S.E. to N.C., so being a "yank" I figured "Hell, its always warmer in the south". So this should be a great drive!

And actually it was wonderful thru Oh., W.Va., and most of Va. I was cruising about 80 for the most part, really proud the (I) we bought this fine American Machine!

In W.Va., on 77, there is a section that is very twisty, I had the cruise set, or otherwise my foot has this thing about pushing harder....odd?...anyway...at 80, I'm lovin it! The V was flat thru these curves, and I'm geeking, when I hear......"I'm gonna thro up"!....now, this was not something I expected, so I say "Well its curvy, what do you want ME to do"? I mean Hey...I didn't build the road , right?

So she says "Slow Down"!

Now I'm thinkin, Slow Down? I'm only doing 80! Geez!! Its not like I had even done a drift yet!!

So needless to say, I slowed down.

So all is fine, untill we hit the mountains in Va.. We were up on the last of them and its gettin real foggy, so of course traffic then begins to bunch up, and we're all goin about 55, and the windshield begins to ice up, now for any in inclement weather, having drivin the V, knows the fear that struck my gut.

So we're just over the crest of the last hill, and all hell breaks loose. I see a p/up 3 or 4 cars ahead swerve, so I slow down, then I look up 2 cars had spun on a bridge, I had to swerve to miss them, and drive thru their debris, they were still moving too.

In front of us, a car slammed the guardrail on the left, a p/up hit that car spun around into the guardrail I'm dodging this, cars are sliding all over, my wife is sure were dead, we just don't know it yet.

I drop the shifter into 2nd, the rear wheels gently lock up, and this allows me to control the car to get on the right berm. We gat stopped, it was close to a 1/4 mi., from the bridge thats how long it took to stop.

I get out and it looks like a small war zone. I'm standing next to the V, and traffic is still coming thru, dumbasses! So semis are sliding past, cars are trying to come up behind us, I get back in and move up and over partially in the grass, just to try and stay out of the way!

So anyway, its just like a skating rink, and people are fallin down and sliding all over, man it was crazy!

So we ended up stuck on the mountain for 4 1/2 hours waiting to move between not being able to get a salt truck thru and cleaning the debris and cars from a total ten cars crashed.

Thankfully we came away unscathed.

But we did make one kool discovery, the DVD Nav system will play a movie DVD. In surround sound no less!!!!

So we finished out the trip yesterday, and at least in the good weather, it was just a complete pleasure driving the V!

01-24-05, 03:35 PM
when I hear......"I'm gonna thro up"!

I feel your pain. The pregnant wife doesn't like aggresive driving nearly as much as the non-pregnant one did. I pretty much leave the V in the garage if she is coming with now. It's a waste to drive it like it was a Mercedes, imo. On the other hand, in normal times she thinks 80 is slow, so it all works out.

Glad you escaped the pile up without killing the car. rwd and all

01-24-05, 04:46 PM
Mine has Vertigo, she can't ride rides and such. So I mostly get aggressive alone.

Rob Ketcham
01-24-05, 05:08 PM
Your report reminded me of our trip back from Savannah right after Christmas. For some reason I had garaged the V and we were driving our ML55 but it was still pretty exciting to have cars doing 360s in front of us, and many citizens in the ditch along the way as the sleet and freezing rain just kept on coming. I enjoy the challenge of those conditions, and didn't realize that my long suffering wife was relatively petrified when we finally pulled off at an exit in Tarboro, NC and picked up a room so we could watch the NFL playoffs. I can't imagine my V under the conditions you describe. I experienced reverse wheel hop today trying to back up my relatively long unplowed driveway. Also relieved to know that you all, and the V, ended up safe and sound.

01-24-05, 05:09 PM
Thanx, she saw death...I saw the V in pieces.....funny how the perspectives are.

01-24-05, 05:51 PM
But we did make one kool discovery, the DVD Nav system will play a movie DVD. In surround sound no less!!!!
???? Yes on movie, but surround sound???

01-24-05, 06:25 PM
Yes the movies play in surrond (Dolby 5.1 maybe??). :cool:

I had a girl fried say the same thing in town traffic. "I get sick when you do the stop-and-go thing". What the hell is the stop-and-go thing? :banghead:

Any way she rides less with me now. What ever the stop-and-go thing is others don't seem to know what it is or mind. :bonkers:

01-24-05, 11:45 PM
Yep, surround sound, dolby 5.1 to be sure!!

We watched Gladiator.

DP, to you and me...its just "brisk" acceleration and braking!