: Ferrari Superamerica vs V

01-24-05, 02:08 PM
At least I think it was a Superamerica, it was kind of hard to tell since it ran away from me soooo fast!

Lots of fun though.

01-25-05, 12:00 AM
How did that happen?

Did you really try?

Did he catch you in a bad gear?

01-25-05, 09:58 AM

Maybe this could help you get closer. This F355 is for sale at the dealership I bought my V at, from the same sales person. I was there yesterday to have them plan their fix of my shot rear end, and saw it on the lot. It is very clean and, of course, looks very fast. They joked about letting me have it as a loaner while they do repairs to the V, but I couldn't convence them to actually do it.

The salesman, Tony Pagano, is a great guy. Always comes out to chat when I go in for service and goes out of his way to provide great customer service. He even took the pinstripe off of my V yesterday while he was working. Even asked a customer to wait a couple of minutes so he could finish with the removal of the pinstripe before walking her around the lot. And at no cost to me.

Those of you in Central Florida should look him up if your interested in a Cadillac (or a used Ferrari). He'll give you a good deal (his dad is the Finance Manager) and he knows his cars.

Harley Guy
01-25-05, 12:05 PM
Talk to me about the pin stripe removal. My platinum V came with a stipe on it. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but I think I would like it better without it. Does it come off clean?

01-25-05, 03:26 PM
Talk to me about the pin stripe removal. My platinum V came with a stipe on it. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but I think I would like it better without it. Does it come off clean?

My pinstripes were painted on almost a year ago, so the pinstrips wouldn't come off with a bug/tar remover like fresh stripes, so he got stronger stuff used in the bodyshop. The salesman referred to the stuff as "Mineral Sprints", I believe. Smelled like most other paint thinners, but he said the stuff was too strong to be sold in most stores (industrial strength, I guess). It took a couple minutes of scrubing and wiping, and then there was nothing except the platnium paint and the clear coat. Very clean removal with no left over marks/paint and no visible damage to the original paint/clear coat. Since I am not sure what it was exactly, you can probably call your local dealer's bodyshop and ask them.

However, if your stripes are not painted on, then they are probably vinyl and can be removed with a hair dryer and your finger nail. Sounds "ghetto" but that is how you do it. Just heat up one end of the stripe, then start to peel. Continue to heat up the stripe as you slowly pull it off in a nice long strip.

01-25-05, 03:48 PM
Window tint, door decals, pin stripes, badges, dealer stickers, bumper stickers, all come off with the hair drier trick.

01-26-05, 07:02 PM
The car blasted me so bad I had to look at some pics to figure out what it was. It had a hood scoop like a 575 Maranello and was a spyder with roll bars and bat seats like a 360 modena spyder. 360 Modena is a fast car, but not like that one! They don't have hood scoops either, the car did include Stradale stripes...It was Damn fast.

01-26-05, 07:20 PM
The 550 Barchetta weighs about 100lbs less and has 85 more HP (and more torque). I'm still surprised that it ran away from you so quickly, then again, it does have a gearing advantage as well...

I don't think the SuperAmerica is on public roads. :confused:

01-28-05, 06:01 PM
I don't think it was a Barchetta I think I would have noticed the vent on the front quarters, but as quickly as it left me in the dust anything is possible. I'm pretty sure it was a Modena but probably not a stock one. To say it ran away from me quickly is an understatement. The guy probably didn't even know I had my foot in it. That was the fastest I've ever seen a car move on the street.

01-28-05, 06:23 PM
Just for a comparison:

The 911 Turbo, 360 Modena and Corvette Z06 are all very similiar in performance (and they dominate a stock CTS-V.... as they should). I've read stories on M5 and Porsche forums that involved an M5 Vs.996TT, needless to say, an M5 gets waxed in a roll-on race.

I don't even bother with 911TT's, my father had one (I drove it a few times). It's a rocket with wheels, just point it in the direction you want to go, and mash the gas!

I love automotive racing, and racing stories, even when the V doesn't win...