: 1989 Cadillac Eldorado

01-24-05, 01:31 PM
I still own this car.

Pros: Powerful, smooth ride, great engine, great takeoff.

Cons: Repairs are expensive even though car is 15+ years old. Heater core needed replacing a few times at $300 a pop. Replaced the water pump about 4 times in the past year at $150 for the labor, luckily I had a lifetime warranty. Also had to replace the radiator.

So basically there were just coolant system issues with this car. However, I still own it, and I still love it. I don't drive it everyday like I used to but when I do, its the best. This was my first V8 car, and I will never go back to anything less.

I would definitely buy another cadillac again, and like Sal I want a 2002 or newer.

11-25-06, 08:39 PM
Are you interested in a 2002 ESC, Red, 10,000 miles? Florida car; never seen snow or salt. Owned for 2 years.

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