: Rendering of an ATS-V coupe-- you'll want to see this

05-30-13, 01:13 PM

Ever since the launch of the successful Cadillac ATS sedan, I've humbly admired its presence and determination for going toe to toe with its German rivals. Styling alone gives the competition cause for concern, as it appears striking, balanced and well refined. From the well sorted proportions to its svelte, yet simple surfacing, the ATS is a welcome progression from the hard-edged and boxier designs of recent Cadillac past.
This all bodes well for something else to be derived off the ATS platform; yes that's right - a rather luring Coupe version.


pretty good if I do say so myself.

06-01-13, 02:40 PM
I don't like the droopy C pillar.
And I'll be shocked if the B pillar is anywhere near that thin.
The front clip is sufficiently V-like, I suppose.
Looks like a bad job illustrating, the front wheel looks massive (and with way too much negative camber) while the rear wheel looks way too small.

Thanks for posting it.

06-03-13, 05:48 PM
It also looks like they chopped off a foot in the front.
That reminds me more of a Dodge Dart in the front than an ATS and that oddly sloped C pillar is lame. I hate it, but that's just me...

edit: removing wrong picture and not caring enough to put the right one in