: Advice On Adding Subs With Amp To Factory System - 2000 Base Deville

05-30-13, 11:08 AM
I have a Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bdCP amplifier with T1D412 subs and all the wiring from a previous car. I have experience with wiring/connections using RCA cables from after market radios head units but not much at all dealing with cross-overs. I also have a new Pyramid low pass cross-over which Ive had for a long time but never needed to use it. I would like to splice into the factory speaker wiring to leech the signal and feed to my amp.

I have the field manuals for the car so I have access to all the diagrams. As of now I'm thinking about splicing into the speaker wiring before it goes into the factory amp. I figure the signal would be cleaner before the factory amp rather than after the factory amp, not sure if this is correct, it may not matter? Also, I would like suggestions on which speakers to splice into, the back or the front ones or does it even matter.

Lastly, is there a good way for me to filter out the low frequencies for the interior speakers so all the bass goes to the subs, not sure what to do about the interior sub. What type of cross-over equipment would I need and where would I wire it in the system in relation to the factory amp?

Thanks in advance.

06-13-13, 12:18 AM
Ok man let's get started! There is not an interrupt for the amp like some vehicles, you're going to need a Line Out Converter. You can buy a 2 channel LOC for about $25 from your local audio shop or online, ot you can try to get the most out of your system and use one of AudioControl's products. No I don't work for them, they just make really good stuff and I recommend MOST of their products. I would recommend either the Overdrive Plus (if you don't have plans to use a front stage amp later) or the Matrix Plus. The Matrix even comes the ability to run a subsonic filter. As far as filtering the low frequencies to your front stage, that's a really in depth discussion, a new headunit possibly, or an EQ, or an amp, lots of options. Let me know if there's anything else you might need. Here's the links to those products. http://www.audiocontrol.com/t34/63493/Pre--Amp-Line-Drivers.html

Edit : Also the 2xs is an electronic crossover that you can use to filter the lows out fairly easy.