: 94 eldo keyless entry?? securtiy light

01-23-05, 11:34 PM
Well i read that if you have a security light, you have keyless entry. This one doesnt have any remotes with it. What for sure tells me it has keyless installed. And if it does, what remote do i ebay for??

01-24-05, 11:35 AM
Good question. I am curious myself, since my 91 Seville has no remotes either. It does have illuminated entry and the lighted security lamp when you start the car. However, there is no horn if all the doors are all locked (window open) and driver door is opened by reaching through the open window and opening it from the inside. I saw no plugs, yellow buttons, or antenna, (other than the power antenna for the radio) in the trunk area either.

01-24-05, 02:54 PM
Amazing, you asked the question that I have been wondering for 2 weeks. I just bought a 89 Deville. It has a secuity light, but no keyless entry. From what I can tell, it should. With my Ford minivan, I just purchased the remote keybob. Then I turned the key switch off and on about 7 times. The doors all locked then I pushed the lock button on the keybob. That was it. I wonder if GM works the same way?

01-25-05, 07:06 PM
Hmm, i started searching ebay and the auctions states to make sure your code matches the code on this one. Hmm, little hard since i dont have one. I didnt notice any yellow or black or whatever plug either. Who has the directions for setting up a new remote? and do you really need a certian model number remote?

01-26-05, 03:04 AM
Most of the keyless entry receivers in that period of time were in the trunk. Either up under the back deck, or sometimes on one side or another under the carpet behind the rear wheel well. It will have an FCC number. Sometimes the number is ended by the letter "R". Most of the remotes from that time are lettered ABO104T, ABO103T, and GQ43VT1. Look for a number similar to those. That will be the FCC number. Get a remote that matches that number. There will be a single pole black wire with a white stripe, usually on the right side of the trunk, or somewhere around the antenna mast, that is going to no where. You have to stick in a jump wire into the end, ground it, and then you will hear the door locks cycle lock and unlock. Hold down the lock and unlock buttons similtaneously for ten seconds. You will hear the locks cycle again. Hold down the buttons again for any additional remotes. Unground the wire. Then test the remotes to make sure they are operating.

01-26-05, 03:58 PM
Now that you mention it KJLS, I think I do have one of those stray wires in the trunk on the right (passenger) side near the radio antenna mast. Amost disposed of that wire a week or so ago but decided against it until I knew exactly what it was for. There is a module on the left (driver) side rear wheel well plus a good sized harness connector on the rear shelf deck about middle inside the trunk. I expect that "antenna" wire to be connected to the harness on the rear shelf. I thought that harness was part of the original Bose speaker system (somebody removed the Bose stuff before I "inherited" the car). I will take a closer look at it and report back what I find.

BTW... The Seville I drive now (my avatar) was abandon dead on my property spring of last year. Took me almost six months to get legal title. Once I got it started and running I fell in love with it. Has been a driving project ever since.

Thanks for the information KJLS

01-27-05, 03:02 AM
Glad to help.

01-28-05, 02:32 AM
Yes it does have keyless entry.