: Premium Fuel

<3 my 95 SLS
09-16-03, 08:21 PM
Howdy, Just wondering on the gas situation? I realize that the car takes premium fuel only. Now thats all i have been puttin in it since 53,000 miles. And the original owner put premium in it until he sold it to the guy i just bought it from at 20,000 miles. so from 20 - 50k miles on the car it was only being given mid grade gas. Is there any harm that could have done the car? thanks.

09-16-03, 10:01 PM
There probably wasnt any severe damage........ The engine has detonation sensors to detect, you guessed it, detonation........ It will retard the timing (or fire the plugs sooner) so that detonation wont occur.....

There is only a small window in which the computer can retard.......

Using anything but premium will only decrease your gas mileage, peformance, and possibly engine longevity..... But midgrade, you'd be safe, but I wouldnt use it!!