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05-30-13, 01:21 AM
So about a month ago I spun a rod bearing on my 2005 CTS V ....

well at least what I thought was a rod bearing knocking noise so about a week ago I dropped the bottom sub frame and removed everything that was in the way of me to take out the bearings .....

one by one i examined them closely and all 16 of them are perfectly fine...
no scratches...
no stains or sign of wear pretty much all of them are identical..

now what made me think it was a rod bearing noise was at a idle a knocking noise was heard from the bottom of the block...once I applied the gas that noise would go away I'll admit it was pretty loud and noticeable at idle...

can anybody or has anyone ever had this problem before and can tell me what other possibilities the noise would be coming from I would gradually appreciate the help.

And also I bought "Power Seal" Rod bearings. Are those fine or would you guys recommend Factory bearings as a better choice???

thank you.

05-30-13, 03:53 AM
If the bearings look fine leave them in there, by the time you hear a knock it's too late and the engine will need to be disassembled. I have also never found a connecting rod that still has a round crank bore after a significant number of miles. Did you look at the mains? Did you pull the belt off to be sure it wasn't an accessory?

05-30-13, 04:53 AM
Take the oil filter cartridge off, cut it apart, unfold the pleated paper, and see if it is full of metal shavings. Is there metal in the bottom of the oil pan?

05-30-13, 05:29 PM
ok ill try that today when i get off work.

and when i drained the oil the plug had some residue on it ,i thought it was super small metal shaving,but ill check again today..

btw the car only has about 58k miles!


on so ill leave them alone, as iv heard that the original bearings are already fitted to the crank after time...right?

wow i feel kind of stupid now for not checking if it was an accessory.

and no i haven't looked at the mains...i might sound dumb again but would it be possible in any way to get a peak of the mains from the bottom up?

thanks a lot for your help!

like i mention in an other reply the sad part is the car only has about 58k miles smh:/

05-30-13, 06:02 PM
Replace the rod and main bearings while you have it apart. While you have the individual rod caps off try to move the rods to see if the small end bushings are good. Look for scoring on the cylinder sleeves. Get a boroscope or remove the heads to see if a piston is broken at the ring land. Before pulling the heads look inside them for a broken valve spring.

06-01-13, 03:12 PM
Loose or damaged flywheel/clutch assembly or loose/damaged harmonic balancer. Those would be the first place that I looked.

06-02-13, 01:26 AM
Loose or damaged flywheel/clutch assembly or loose/damaged harmonic balancer. Those would be the first place that I looked.

Yeah that was maybe my next guess...

Is it common for something like that to break in the tranny?

Oh and also , the same night this all happened I was racing a 2jz....my 5th gear didnt want to go in...I tried throwing it in twice when I noticed that the reverse lights we're going on everytime I try to touch 5th!!!!

Could that be a sign of something broken in the tranny area?!?

Thanks for the help!