: Power steering leaking

05-29-13, 03:01 PM
Hey guys, I've got a 05 SRX 4.6l that's leaking power steering fluid. It had this problem before and the dealer had replaced a line and problem gone. Fast forward to now and it's leaking again. I went out and tryed to find where the leak is coming from and it looks like it coming from one of two lines that go into the rack. I believe one line went all the way to the cooler by the radiator and the other must be coming from the pump. Theres a small bolt right next to the lines so I'm hoping it's just a gasket right there but wanted more info before I get into it. Anyone got info on this? Heres a pic of where I'm talking about

05-29-13, 05:03 PM
There are O-rings on each line. Do "search this forum", long thread on them. You are right, 1 line is high pressure, the return line goes to the cooler.

05-29-13, 09:48 PM
Lower line is the return to the reservoir and the top line is the pressure line. I replaced the lower line on my wife's car and it is leaking now at that spot as well. There is an o-ring on each line and that is about it. The bolt has a 10 mm head I believe and the plate secures the lines. The lines have a flange that fits into a recess so the plate holds everything flat. My plan is to clean everything up, degrease and then apply some RTV to the O-Ring and let it all set up for the lower line. To change the lower line if it is really bad:

You need to pull off the plastic skid/air protector. Then you need to drain the engine coolant and remove the lower rad hose ( just take off lower clamp, drain and push hose out of the way) Then you can change the lower power steering line. It takes some effort to wiggle it into place and make sure you protect the o-ring end and you need to use some muscle to complete the task. It is not easy.



05-30-13, 04:13 AM
Thanks guys. I'll pop that cover off and check the orings out and go from there.