: Lost power brakes, rough idle

05-29-13, 11:06 AM
I parked my 06 N* awd this morning, went in McD's, came back out and started her up. Started up fine, but idled rough. Have her some throttle and runs smooth at all rpms above idle. Then noticed my brakes were gone.. Just takes both feet to stop jet now ;) I didn't see any obviously loose vacuum hoses... are there some connections I should check anyone knows of?

05-29-13, 01:00 PM
The brake booster vacuum hose came off one end. The end behind the motor. .. Anybody know where it connects to? The house is pre bent so I know I'm close, I just can't see where the port is that it connects to.


I can hear the open connection hissing behind the motor, I just can't get my hand on it! Help!


Got it. Wow that was a PITA. The port is centered, directly underneath the intake plenum flagflush with the motor block.

05-29-13, 10:39 PM
A quick winner!


05-30-13, 09:46 AM
I had the same issue last year. Just chased the hissing down with a flash light. It its a pita to reconnect it though. Just takes determination.

05-30-13, 10:40 AM
Is there a clamp missing or something? Why do you guys think it came off?

05-30-13, 01:29 PM
I had the exact same issue after a trans swap. I don't think there is any clamp, just a hose on a barb fitting.

05-30-13, 02:20 PM
No clamp or anything. Just a single barb. If must have just wiggled itself off somehow. All has been well so far. Engine light even reset.

05-30-13, 02:49 PM
No clamp. I was gonna put a clamp on it but it was hard enough trying to put the Damn thing back on