: So is the a new Coupe still on?

05-29-13, 09:21 AM
This is an article on how Cadillac and Buick are leading GM's resurgence. It spends a lot of time talking about the new CTS. On the second page they show a picture of the CTS coupe that has been posted here before.


05-30-13, 09:13 AM
I'm not sure why Wallstcheatsheet put in the rendering of the 2014 CTS Coupe. My guess would be ignorance as to what they were actually showing. However, the more important question is why would Cadillac not produce a new CTS coupe. I just finished reading the article on Autoblog about the new 2014 Mercedes E400 coupe which will be in the US later next year. It's a stunning car with a new twin turbo V6 and AWD. I don't see how Caddy can stay competitive with the Germans without producing a CTS coupe in addition to an ATS coupe. It has been pointed out before that all of the German luxury brands produce at least two coupes and in my opinion Cadillac must do the same.