View Full Version : Help with a pulley for my STSV

05-28-13, 10:09 PM
New guy here, I've had my 2009 STSV for a little under a month and I love it. I'm a newbie to Cadillacs (er, cars in general), but I've heard great things about the ZZP smaller 2.55 upper pulley. However, I cannot seem to find it for sale online anywhere. I've checked out the ZZP website and can't locate it there either.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

05-28-13, 10:28 PM
Welcome and congrats on a great (and rare 2009) car!

Contact TimmyC on this forum, he's the guy to talk to about a pulley. You'll find him posting in most any of the performance oriented discussions.

05-28-13, 11:49 PM
Will do, thanks for the help!

05-29-13, 12:26 AM
Ready to reply to your PM Jack, but your box is full. Delete some messages and I'll resend.

05-29-13, 09:47 AM
Done. Funny how it only let's me have 2 messages at any given time.