: Supercharger Noise Levels

01-22-05, 03:38 PM
I will pick up my new CTS-V next week. I understand the LS6 engine can be supercharged. What are the noise levels with the differnent types of superchargers, roots, centrifugal, differerent brands. My other car is a 383 Corvette C5, it has so much stuff done to it and so noisy that I don't want to make the CTS-V too loud in terms of whinning noise. I don't mind the exhaust noise. I never had a supercharged car so don't know what to expect. Thank you. JRL

01-22-05, 03:56 PM



This should help. Don't thank me though. You'll soon learn that Reed is the keeper of all the CTS-V information you could EVER want.