: Oh no! 74 Talisman has rotted out frame, destined to be parts car

05-28-13, 06:07 PM
Took the recently inherited 74 Talisman to the shop for quote on exhaust system and front end inspection.
While up on the hoist, tech discovered rotted out frame aft of the rear axle, under the trunk.
This, along with obvious body rust issues, spells a too short honeymoon with the car.
I'll post further details/pics to the classified section for this parts car.

05-28-13, 06:50 PM

:sadeyes:Words cannot express how truly sad that makes me...for you, and for the automotive world.
It is a shame to lose such an unusual, outrageous, and rare piece of automotive history........:(

05-28-13, 07:06 PM
Thanks Dave,
I'll make sure the whole or part gets into appreciative hands before the rotting hulk is crushed.

05-29-13, 02:45 AM
A moment of silence.

05-29-13, 02:55 AM
It is body on frame construction.
It is repairable or replaceable

05-29-13, 06:26 AM
Just too many rust issues to warrant the effort and expense in my opinion.

05-29-13, 12:06 PM
List it as is (clear description of issues), complete on some sales sites.
Someone may be looking for that particular car.

05-29-13, 08:01 PM
Definitely will try and sell the car complete, as is, with full disclosure of known issues.
Like to keep it out of the hands of the demo derby crowd!

05-29-13, 08:50 PM
I would love to see you sell it to someone who wants to restore it. If not, I would pay more for the interior than a demo derby guy would. Then again, I guess you could do both!:lol:

06-25-13, 06:27 PM
Any news on what you decided to do?

06-25-13, 06:50 PM
Definitely worth saving. Someone out there may want it.