: Windshield wiper

05-28-13, 11:42 AM
I have a 1989 broughm and have replaced the wiper switch and I still can't turn the wipers off or get the delay feature to work. Any suggestions?

05-29-13, 04:53 PM
Yes, within the wiper motor is a circuit board. That circuit board develops solder cracks and is prone to what problems you have. The plastic cover snaps off the motor after you remove all electrical leads to it. The circuit board is secured by 3? screws. Gently remove the circuit board after confirming a dealer or parts store can provide a new one! Personally, I've bought 2 at a wrecking yards in the past for one car and rolled the dice. Its a simple 20 min. job if you're reasonably skilled?? Just thought of something else. remove both wiper arms as well before disassembly. Once the park feature is restored you want to make sure you install the arms in the proper position, if they've been moved.

06-02-13, 10:11 AM
Thanks. Got a new board from Rockauto for $46.00....