: burn out? burn not.

cadillac StS
01-21-05, 06:58 PM
Hey cadilackers, I have a 96 sts northstar and out of curiousity wanted to see if I can do a burnout. Just one. I dont want to abuse my car like that but come on. Took traction control of and it took off slow. it does more with traction on. is there anyway to bypass this so I can maybe get some video of my car.

01-21-05, 08:18 PM
Not trying to tell you what to do with your car, but burnouts are major abuse of the vehicle. Forget the wear on the tires. (When I as a kid, I could burn a brand new set of tires down to the plys in 3 or 4 burnouts.) Burn outs, even one, can destroy a plethora of items, not to mention the "normal" wear and tear on the drive components.

Bbob could probally give you a detailed list of the pitfalls of doing burnouts. One thing that is on the list is molten rubber vulcanizing onto the body an in the wheelwells.
In my younger years, despite the fact that I have never put a scratch on a vehicle, off the top of my head, I have torn up 7 engines, 3 transmissions, broke 2 u-joints, replaced however many u-jionts from "normal" wear, alternators and water pumps of wich their premature failures related to the operating conditions, and destroyed a ring and pinion.

Some people have to learn the hard way, and some people never learn. Again, operate your car as you see fit. Just to share my philosophy: It seems most cost effective to find a compromise between having some good clean fun on the street, and outright abuse of your machienery.

01-21-05, 10:04 PM
It's slower with traction control turned off, because it's starting in second gear. A little bit of wheel spin is fine, but a long, "smoky" burnout is bad. If you floor the gas off the line, you should get a descent amount of wheel spin. This is alright, as long as you don't do it at every light. If you do it for an extended period of time, it can damage driveline components, such as alxes, bearings, tranny,...ect. A little one here and there is fine, just make sure you don't brake stand it or anything. These cars will spin the wheels quite easily. Good Luck. :thumbsup:

01-21-05, 11:06 PM
Buy a limited slip before you do your one-wheeled burnouts.


01-22-05, 12:19 AM
That, and a high stall torque converter from Yank. That's what I'm doing this spring. :thumbsup:

01-22-05, 05:42 AM
dont forget the ebrake

01-22-05, 02:05 PM
NEVER hold the E brake in your car, while flooring the gas. You may do a bunout, but the amount your going to pay to fix damaged components in the car later on, will not be worth it. If you ever need to (at the track), you can power brake it a little, but I wouldn't suggest anything over 2000rpm. If you do hold the E brake, you may experience a lot of wheel hop also. That is bad.

01-22-05, 05:25 PM
well i never tried in a cadillac, but in my past imports and rentals, using the ebrake is like using a line lock. the brakes only lock up the back wheels while the front tires spin. spinning tires is not putting much stress on anything.
and i dont know how you power brake a fwd car as the front brakes always work better than the back

01-22-05, 08:10 PM
It's better to do it on a lighter car, because there is not as much resistance on the front wheels do to less weight. The lighter car doen't have to work as hard, and therefor, does not stress the drivetrain components as much. I tried it just once on my car, and it was horrible! The wheels hop was rediculous, and it beat the crap out opf my tires. This was on wet pavement also. You won't get much out of that anyway, unless you have a limited slip diff. This is because the traction control system will start shutting down cylinders to cut torque to the wheels. This will defeat the purpose of even doing a burnout.

cadillac StS
01-24-05, 02:15 PM
I see. Well like I said I love my car and treat it very good. I know Im not going to be doing burnout to burnout or burn out at all I guess. not worth it. But I really want to beef up my tranny cause that feels weak. I aiming towards thats SS theme on my cadillac. not badging wise but street perfomer wise.

cadillac StS
01-24-05, 02:18 PM
domesticperformancethis site is great. it has parts for my car. thanks