: heyyyy new member JC :)

ja killz
01-21-05, 06:17 PM
:bouncy: i got a black 88 cadi fleetwood d'eleganceee it was my moms and its a hand me down but it still runs nice and everything and i found myself thinking of ideas to "pimp" it :cookoo: . so i painted the hubs, license plate frame, and grille gold got some new blue interior bulbs and some blue corner lamps and put blue leds up front where the F license plate was cause i got green plates so i only needed the back .. i know these ext. are usually illegal but i havnt been pulled over yet :thumbsup: i modified the air intake .. gave it a much leaner (or more regular actually considering it was quite rich when i started) im gonna put a nice muffler/tip on the exhaust and get rid of that old rusted one, recently got new oil filter, maybe putting a new O2 in there.. some nice blue pedals (going for the blue theme in case you havnt noticed) got a rear neon until the back seat a neon uner the driver and pass. dash 1 infinity 12 inch 800 rms and 350 w amp .. thing rattles my exhaust ha. ya but thats pretty much it nothing extreme.. but it suites me. ;) alright well youll be seeing a lotta me .. cause i got a ton of questions haha peace JC:yup:

01-22-05, 02:12 PM
Welcome JC!

Sound like a very nice ride! When you get a chance post a picture or two we would all like to see it! Good luck. Thanks for joining!