: XTS Loaner

05-28-13, 10:19 AM
Have had a XTS as a loaner for the past 7 days now, I must say this is the smoothest, quietest most comfortable car I've probably ever driven. I wish I could import the seats, the suspension, the stearing & the quiet into my Escalade lol.

05-28-13, 10:50 PM
I wish I had quiet. Persistent rattle or clicking coming from right upper dash near windshield with normal driving over small bumps in city roads despite 4-5 trips to dealer and their best efforts to fix. I hear it with low radio volume and on cell. What else can I do for this nagging problem.

10-09-13, 01:14 PM
I have an XTS Platinum that has multiple rattles coming from the headliner area of the car, also from the passenger side door, and the drivers side dash area. My glovebox has been replaced as well as the storage box on the drivers side. They have taken out the headliner and tried to repair it as well as replacing all the back seat latches. The car is currently back in the shop with the same issues. The sunroof has also been adjusted and thoroughly checked. This car was purchased brand new and only has 2000 miles on it. I actually traded a 2013 Premium XTS for the Platinum for the same reason, rattles everywhere in the car. The rattles happen whether the sound system is on, or not, it also is noticeable even when the sound system has the volume cranked up. I personally believe from my experience, that the 2013 has design flaws that cause the higher level trim models to rattle. It is very upsetting to me because I have paid a high price for a business class luxury car and it's in my garage at home only occasionally, it stays at the dealership being repaired. I am a loyal Cadillac owner, having owned 5 Cadillacs now. Until the XTS I have never experienced rattles in a new Cadillac.