: Need someone to look at a CTS-V in Monticello, Indiana

05-27-13, 08:23 PM
I'm hoping to join the Cadillac family by purchasing a CTS-V and I've found a low mileage 2012 at Hubbard GM Center in Monticello, IN. I'm ten hours away to look for myself, but if I get confirmation that the inside and out is in excellent condition I'll get a one-way ticket to Indiana, so I can drive her home. Help please.

06-22-13, 12:49 PM
Watch out for this car it's been in a serious accident. I was going to buy this one, but I just picked up one in St. Louis. That's a great car don't get my wrong with low miles, but just make sure everything is good still. Cars that have been in accidents are usually never the same.

06-22-13, 06:56 PM

Thanks for looking out for me. They stated that the car was never in a accident. I guess I'm glad I ended-up buying from a local dealer. In the photos the car looked in great condition. Oh well.