: CD player problem

01-21-05, 07:28 AM
Hello :welcome:

First, I present myself.
My nick is Conan85, I live in Switzerland (in Europe :), my english isn't good and I have a blue SÚville 94 :2thumbs:.

I have a little problem :rant2: with the CD player: it doesn't work :annoyed:.
When I try to put a CD in, the player doesn't get it,
and when a CD is in (put in manually), a little noise is heard, and the message "ERR" appear in LCD player (in place of clock and radio frequence).

I have then 2 questions:
- existe there a manipulation to get explicit code (like the CCC, OKK-WARM) ? :suspect:
- How to fix the problem ? :halo:

01-21-05, 07:55 AM
The problem is very common. The CD player in my Eldo did the same thing. Spraying canned air ito the CD slot helped for a while but eventually I had to remove the unit and send it out for service. That was three or four years ago and it has been fine since.

ElDawgg 2G
01-21-05, 05:10 PM
I would do what has been suggested...clearing the mechanics of the CD player with canned air.
You could also use one of the CD cleaner disks that brush debris from the optical reader of the CD player...these get obscured over time. You can also perform this action on your home computer if it rejects disks.
Hope this helps.

01-21-05, 05:16 PM
Just start conservatively with the canned air, the focusing coils on the lens assembly is pretty fragile.

01-21-05, 07:47 PM
Just buy yourself a new one. It sounds like its toast. I want to get an Alpine deck with Infinity speakers all around. If you really want to keep it, do what those guys said with the canned air then see if you can get one of those CD cleaner kits. Oh yeah, how do you get all those smiley faces?

01-25-05, 01:41 AM
Thank you very much for informations, I try this ASAP.

For Rob M: When I used "New Thread" button, the smiley were available :-)