: Radar Detector..?

01-20-05, 05:43 PM
Ok, which one is the best? Im going to get one, and i want the best. Im thinking either the val 1 or the passport 8500. And yes, it has to look cool.

thanks bones:lildevil:

01-20-05, 05:51 PM
I have an Escort SR7 with lidar that is a permanently installed. IE, sensors mounted in front grill along with laser receivers. Best I've ever had and I've had both the 8500 and V1.


01-20-05, 06:22 PM
V1 is great but sure is ugly IMO. :)

01-20-05, 07:11 PM
Passport 8500 X50. Others will say Vanlentine 1.

01-20-05, 08:28 PM
Its not ugly... I prefer to call it Retro.

But sersioulsy, I dont care how it looks so long as it keeps smokey off my back.

10-4. over and out....


01-20-05, 08:52 PM
Can you go into the diagnostics and program volume gradient and turn on/off/adjust different bands?

That is one feature I like about the V1. When near a city where Ohio State Patrol usually never are working with X-band I can shut it off until I leave town again. It is a nice feature for the noisey band.


01-20-05, 08:57 PM
Vanlentine 1 has saved my speeding butt several times.

01-20-05, 11:06 PM
Escort SR7 with sensors. Doesn't get any better than this.:coolgleam


01-22-05, 01:42 AM
As much as I appreciate the wheel and tire, Shane, I've got to disagree.

A Valentine 1 with the SR3 is the best.

01-22-05, 03:09 AM

What is SR3 on the Valentine 1? Couldn't find any reference on their site...

01-22-05, 09:50 AM
I am partial to my Whistler Spectrum 1. Of course, that was the detector that I used in Mass.............up until I moved to VA in 1990, where such items are illegal :rant2: . Now I suppose the Smithsonian might be interested in my Whistler.

As for V1 v. Escort v. Bel, wasn't there a loooong thread on that topic last summer?

01-22-05, 11:44 AM
I have both the V1 and Escort and I can not tell the difference. However, I like the form factor of the Escort better. The Escort is in my CTS-V and the V1 is in my SRX.

01-22-05, 12:11 PM
I have both the V1 and Escort and I can not tell the difference. However, I like the form factor of the Escort better. The Escort is in my CTS-V and the V1 is in my SRX.

Just for curiosity, have you ever driven with them side by side in the same car at the same time? That would be interesting......

CTS Orlando
01-22-05, 02:51 PM
Visiting from the non-V forum, thought I'd add my 2 cents. I have an 8500 x50 which i trust with my life. I have noticed a trend that most V-Owners have the V1, while most non-V owners have the 8500. For a comparo, check out www.radartest.com I would say that both are superior detectors, each has 1 or 2 strengths over the other. I have noticed though, that a lot of you have your detector mounted over the rear view, I have mine mounted under the rear view. Im left with the impression that the detector may be more effective under the rearview with more glass around it, rather than at the top with the roof line right above it. ... My 2 cents...

01-22-05, 05:58 PM
Just for curiosity, have you ever driven with them side by side in the same car at the same time? That would be interesting...... no I have not yet. I will try it this week and report back.

01-23-05, 03:09 PM
I did *a lot* of research prior to buying my Escort Solo -- including buying a test report.

For many years, the V-1 was the clear choice. However, most recent testing that I have found currently puts the Escort(s) and Bel at the top by a slight margin -- moreso if price matters.

For example: http://www.radartest.com/article.asp?articleid=1064

Many folks on this site prefer Valentine-1's, however...I previously owned one, and while it was very sensitive, it had many false positives (that my Escorts did not have) and it's user interface was clunky.

Both are very good products IMO, and -- as always -- YMMV!


01-23-05, 10:36 PM
Bob, the Solo would tempt me the most because of the lack of a cord, making it easy to mount and unmount with any fuss. The article you quoted reviewed the Passport, not the Solo. One of the criticisms of the Solo was its use of sleep to conserve battery power, which might affect its performance. How did you decide to buy the Solo?


P.S. In another thread someone posted a link "how to" install the Valentine. It seemed quite complicated to me.

01-23-05, 11:43 PM
Radartest.com is bogus, disregard ANYTHING you may read on that site.

Craig Peterson's (the sole author/contact for this website) credibility has been widely doubted for years.

Anyone that has run more than 1 detector side by side should voice an opinion all others will of course be one sided. I can say I have, but it was some time ago with a then current escort and a then current V1 (this was a few years ago), and (depending on which vehicle I was in) also an installed K-40 system. At that time there was NO comparason.


01-24-05, 12:52 AM
Here's a good roundup of published test results (not just radartest.com):


One can draw one's own conclusions....

The most comprehensive test that I have read on the Solo compared it to the Passport. As I recall, it's performance was down 10-15% on the Passport. The author concluded that the real-world impact of this would be "minimal." (It can also be operated in a corded mode, which probably helps performance by eliminating the "cycling.")

I have been very happy with my Solo. It's well-built, easy to operate, and mounting is ultra clean/quick.

I think that if "raw performance" was my aim, I'd go corded (Escort or Bel).


01-24-05, 02:49 AM
I chose the Solo, because of its' great reviews and cordless design. I am glad that it is not obtrussive like these fuel/ temp/fire exstinguisher and presure gauges that you find in these kid's rice rockets and muscle cars. I don't want to tear up the panels of my new car just yet for a cable. If that was the case...might as well put in a couple of twelve inch subs, wire the back seats for DVD players and install neon lighted floor boards. This was just an over stated comment on my part...please forgive me ;)
The CTSV has class and should be kept simple. Let the public keep guessing why this car is "So Damn Fast"! Besides that...if it will save me on getting a speeding ticket, then it had paid for itself and for my peace!

01-24-05, 02:25 PM

What is SR3 on the Valentine 1? Couldn't find any reference on their site...
I'm sorry, I meant the ZR3, which is Escort's laser jammer. Combine THAT with a V1.

10-22-05, 07:04 PM
I *love* my V1. I wondered how I ever got along without the direction arrows. The furthest it detected a copy was, get this, 12 miles. No S**t.

How so far, you wonder? I was coming over the hill south of Laramie, Wyoming. I'm very familiar how the Highway Patrol operates. I know where they sit. Coming over the top of a hill (from whence you can see the entire Laramie Valley), the V1 went off, pointing ahead. 12 miles later, there he was. Cop SUV gunning oncoming traffic.

Usual range is 3 to 6 miles. 4 to 6 miles is not uncommon when I drive in Northern Colorado.


V1 - everything else is just a toy.

10-22-05, 07:39 PM
The Valentine 1 is the single best piece of equipment on the market for avoiding speeding tickets. The newest models from rival manufacturers do have excellent detection capabilities but none combines the superior detection of the V1 with the directional arrows of the V1. Some have built-in units with arrows but the antennas are set too low in the car to give maximum range. The V1 is best mounted at the top of the windshield just below the window tinting. This gives its antennas the best chance of sniffing out radar and laser. Antennas that are mounted in the grill or bumpers simply cannot give the same performance. Once you have lived with the arrows, I cannot imagine not having them. Every single persion I have reccomended the V1 to have become devoted fanatics. Particularly in the age of instant on and POP radar targeting, sometimes you only have milliseconds to react and its important to know what direction the radar is coming from.

When combined with a good laser jamming system like the blinder, this is the best you can get without resorting to active jammers which could get you in trouble with the law.

I have been a serial speeder for 25 years, logging 500 miles almost every weekend from NYC to Lake George in upstate New York. I have tried EVERY piece of speed detection and jamming equipment there is. The V1 is the BEST. Buy one now!

10-22-05, 07:55 PM
Old post brought back, but I have to say V1 all the way..
Very happy with it, so far anyway...:yup: :thumbsup:


10-22-05, 08:26 PM
Escort SR7 with ZR3 lidar sensors. Best I've ever had.


10-22-05, 08:31 PM
Old post brought back, but I have to say V1 all the way..
Very happy with it, so far anyway...:yup: :thumbsup:


Don't you think its mounted on the high side? seems like the window tint
is blocking the front antenna & the sunroof the rear antenna, I have
mine next to the rear view mirror below the window tint.

10-22-05, 08:41 PM
Okay....my .02 worth......sold my V1.....it worked GREAT......even told me when Michigan State Police "lasered" me.......and gave me a speeding ticket.
No complaints on how it worked. I "ride along" with my cop buddies in my local home town and watch how they use "instant on" radar. (I even got to push the button myself from time-to-time) The detectors only tell you you're getting pulled over (if you're speeding). Restrict your speeding to the track.....IMHO......(My cop buddy only pulls over those going 15 MPH over or greater).....but that just one guy's technique. Another cop on the same force uses 10 MPH or over.......So BE CAREFUL!!!

10-23-05, 01:08 AM
The Beauty of V1 is that its superior sensitivity will alert you when a cop is using instant on and what direction the radar is coming from so that you can slow down before they get you. I have been saved 100+ times in situations where a car 1 mile ahead was being targeted, I slowed down and then went by the trap at legal speed. I cannot be more adamant about this -GET A V1! There is no other single piece of equipment that is more worthwile. It is correct that no detector is foolproof but the vast majority of the time, you will be warned of instant on radar traps when the cop is targeting someone else and you will know to slow down and which direction to be looking. Just get a V1, if you are not happy return it (you won't return it). Also Mike Valentine is a customer service fanatic. I have been a client since the 1970's when he invented the first Escort and then Passport (prior to forming his own company). I have bought every product he has ever produced and have never once been disappointed. Another great thing about V1 is that it is upgradeable -whenever newer technology comes along, you ship your V1 to the factorty to get upgraded to the latest spec.
This is one product I can assure you that you will be glad you got. If you drive fast it will pay for itself in 1 weekend.

10-23-05, 08:06 PM
I am using a K40. Nothing shows but 2 red lites built into dash, and, to date, it has been infallible! Also picks up lasar

10-26-05, 11:28 PM
I thought the V-1 doesn't detect the latest POP radar. The Escort does.

10-27-05, 12:56 AM
my golly gosh. brandy new to this web sight and almost brandy new to my '95 sls n*. maybe should have been here sooner. going to suspension hearing friday 28th at DMV for two tickets got within 3 weeks of each other two months after buying seville. 111 in 55 (careless) and 90 in 55 (reckless). first one was seeing if n* really had governor at 120 mph. second one was failing to look at speedo. who knew? dectector would have probably saved my license and lots of money. just thought i'd throw this in for you :devil: smarter than me. live and learn. this car is an incredible rush for me but i'm snowed by radar recommendations. it sounds like religion. everybody thinks theirs is the best. later. got alot of reading to do.

10-27-05, 10:19 AM
My V1 has saved my butt several times and it only took 5 minutes or so to hardwire. I have it mounted next to the rearview mirror and it is almost impossible to see from the outside of the car.
I find the arrows to be very useful, as the farms out here for some reason emit all kinds of signals that the V1 picks up (even with the filter on). The arrows show that the bogey is to the side and not a threat. Not a big deal for a regular route, but very helpful when I'm out searching for "V" roads.

10-27-05, 10:57 AM
Where's the flame suit?
1. You unfortunately cannot use two radar detectors in the same vehicle to compare them. All radar detectors produce a radar signal themselves, it's how the police can detect their presence in the states where they are illegal. The best detectors "leak" very little signal as they are well shielded. Haven't you noticed your detector will go off sometimes when you pass another vehicle? Sometimes it's because the other vehicle had a cheap detector that set your's off. Anyway this leaky signal will adversely affect the other detector in the vehicle and grossly cut it's range down and may cause false alerts etc.
2. There is no legal jammer that has any effect at all on police speed detection equipment, either laser or radar. The're ALL snake oil period.
3. There are no infallible detectors made. All of them are subject to limitations of one kind or the other. All of them will "false"
Personally I have a V1, but for reasons that haven't been discussed. Any V1 can be upgraded to the latest detector available, you don't have to buy a new one just have your "old" one upgraded whenever new technology becomes available. You are personally registered to that detector, only you can have it repaired or upgraded.

10-27-05, 11:29 AM
I thought the V-1 doesn't detect the latest POP radar. The Escort does.

The latest version (mine) does.

10-27-05, 12:16 PM
The latest version (mine) does.

Mine as well...;)


10-27-05, 01:31 PM
2. There is no legal jammer that has any effect at all on police speed detection equipment, either laser or radar. The're ALL snake oil period.I agree on almost all of that statement except on laser jamming. Of course, Rocky Mountain Radar claims everything but there are legit laser jammers out there. Some more or less effective than others, but laser jamming is a possibility.

10-27-05, 03:42 PM
Radar Jamming is indeed possible but only with active jammers that transmit a signal. So-called "Passive jammers" simply do not work. They have been discredited by many car magazines and others. If you do your research you will discover lots of info on this topic. I do not recommend a radar jammer for anyone but the most devoted speed addict. You can get into a lot of trouble using one if you are not hyper aware and hyper careful while using it. Radar is a type of radio frequency (RADAR stands for Radio something or other). What an active jammer does is broadcast a radio signal that in some manner interferes with the police targeting signal as it comes back to the gun. Active jammers do indeed work, and work quite well depending on the application. The original old jammers were very powerful and would overwhelm the signal sent by the police targeting radar. Some were so powerful that they would show up as "blooms" on airport radar. This was not a good thing because it would piss-off the air traffic controllers and they would alert the authorities. It also was obvious to the radar operator and they would pull you over and really throw the book at you because "broadcasting" a radio signal without a license from the FCC is illegal. More sophisticated jammers came along and allowed you to dial the speed you wanted to appear on the radar gun or you could also have a percentage of your speed appear on the display. Even more sophisticated jammers were developed that only emit a 1/2 watt or less signal strength. This sought to undermine the federal law regarding "broadcasting" because you only need to get a license if the strength of your broadcasted signal was greater than 1/2 watts. These jammers have very good radar detectors that identify the exact frequency the radar gun uses and then they broadcast back on that exact frequency and leave a blank display on the radar gun. This still of course makes the operator (cop) suspicious so the recommended procedure is to leave it on (only when out in front of other traffic) and as soon as you know you are being targeted, slow down then turn off the jammer so the operator can get a reading. This does work. I know someone who has a jammer (not me of course) called a stealth VRCD (Vehicle Radar Cloaking Device). It has successfully worked on multiple occasions in a HUGE SUV at point blank range. It only jams on the K frequency band. There is a new one called the Scorpion that jams the Ka band as well. It has been tested by an independent firm called Speed Laboratories (www.speedlabs.com). Unlike Craig Peterson's radartest.com, which has been widely discredited for being bought and paid for by the Escort company, they really are independent and apply rigorous testing methodologies.
Only use a radar jammer if you are willing to be a truly hyper aware driver. It is best to only turn it on when you are alone on the highway or out in front of a group of cars because it does set off radar detectors and that is a rude thing to do to other motorists. So you must constantly be turning it on and off. Some people (not me of course) also use a brake light kill switch so that when you are targeted (especially at night) the radar operator does not see your brake lights suddenly flare up as you slow down violently when your detector and jammer go off simultaneously. This is dangerous to do if you are not hyper aware. Because if you forget to turn your brake light switch back on, you could be rear ended and cause a multiple car pile up while in dense traffic.
By the way (does anyone know how to tap into the V's multiplexed electrical system to install a brake light kill switch? -again not for me of course but just for curiosity's sake!)
Anyway the legality of active jammers is unclear. If a cop targets you while you are using one, gets suspicious and pulls you over, and finds that you have one, he will not be nice to you and will likely arrest you and haul you off to jail and charge you with a felony use of a device intended to circumvent the law. Not a pretty scenario.

Laser jammers do work. There are several worth considering. I have and use the Blinder system. It is not illegal to use (not yet anyway) because you are broadcasting light waves which does not require any type of license (yet). It is also hidden and cannot easily be seen.

My strong recommendation is to buy a Valentine One detector, have it upgraded whenever an update is available, buy a good laser jammer and be a very aware driver. You should be very aware if you are speeding anyway because it is safer.
That being said, you will be caught from time to time if you drive fast consistently.
There are many good places to but jammers. One of them is: http://www.jammersstore.com/p_scorpion_ka.htm
Do your homework to make an informed decision.
Just don't buy a passive jammer because they don't work.
Hope this was helpful.

10-28-05, 07:30 AM
Vanlentine 1 has saved my speeding butt several times.


10-28-05, 01:22 PM
that's a no brainer question..... V1 hands down. i've used passport, cobra and bell in the past years, boy what a costly mistake that was.

10-28-05, 02:17 PM
<Tom Cruise "Risky Business" speak on>

"V1, there is no substitute!"

<TC "RB" speak off>


11-02-05, 01:36 PM
V1 - Everything Else Is Just A Toy.

11-02-05, 05:00 PM
the solo 2 works well...only thing is when it goes off......stop...because your right on top them...only if it had alittle more range...:thumbsup:

11-03-05, 01:45 PM
the solo 2 works well...only thing is when it goes off......stop...because your right on top them...only if it had alittle more range...:thumbsup:Maybe your batteries are dying.

11-03-05, 06:53 PM
I agree with Bigjim. Hardwired Valentine 1 with a ZR3 canít be beat. I havenít purchased the ZR3 because there simply isnít much laser (fortunately) where I live. The Escort SR7 is overpriced and canít be relocated! I often move my V1 (with coiled cord) to my wifeís car for extended trips.
V1 arrows are invaluable!! :thumbsup:
Valentine One Ė there IS no substituteÖ :cool2: