: Water Pump suggestions? small leak on stock pump

05-26-13, 12:45 PM
I have a small leak from my water pump, currently waiting for Heads/Cam, Eforce to come so I thought I would do all the changes at the same time. Wanting to know best option for replacement/aftermarket water pump or best to stay with stock? car is a daily driver that see's some track time. Thanks

05-26-13, 01:27 PM
The OEM is part number 89018052 (replaces part number 89017592) with an MRSP of $397.42. It is available from online suppliers at less ($195 - $230 before shipping, handling, or taxes, based on a short search).

05-26-13, 01:30 PM
Have you checked the gaskets to see if it's not a problem with the pump?

05-26-13, 01:34 PM

05-27-13, 04:37 AM
Just go with an OEM pump. They make it about 80 or more, which is good for a high performance vehicle. High flow pumps can flow too fast, not giving coolant enough time in the radiator to cool down.

Also, people will tell you it may be the gaskets, but te only way to tell is to replace the gaskets, at which point you already have already taken the car apart and put it back together. Do you really want to do tht again if you find it's still leaking. A new water pump is cheap insurance either way.