: Update: 74 Fleetwood Talisman fires right up!

05-26-13, 09:21 AM
After getting her home Friday, did a little washing/cleaning.
Decided to see if the car is a runner or?
Bought a new battery and a can of quick start.
Checked oil (good/clean) and coolant (only needed a quart add).
Quarter of a tank of 10 year old gas.
2 blasts of quick start down the carb throat and on the second turn of the key, fired right up!!
Burned a little blue for only a couple minutes and that cleared up.
Quick trip around the block, blew out some black carbon smoke.
Nice smooth idle, good throttle response, feels like full power!
Initial observations:alternator bad,
exhaust rotted at y pipe,
power steering pump empty,
idiot lights and some electrical not working.
Is there a source for new exhaust system parts?
Where is the fuse panel on the 74 Fleetwood?


05-27-13, 10:55 PM
With 10 yr old gas, I would dump it first before I got it started. Glad it runs. Exhaust from a local shop. Fuse box is under dash.

05-29-13, 05:15 PM
Its common sense to drain and replace all fluids and that includes brake fluid! I would not trust anything rubber underhood especially fuel hoses. The new gasoline is very dry and will cause fuel hose leakage very quickly. to err on the safe side I'd replace all the rubber brake hoses and the 2 rear wheel brake cylinders. You must make sure the car will stop before you make it run better!!!