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05-25-13, 06:56 PM
ive been scanning around here and finally decided to join!

I have an 81 FWB d and I really like this car. my wife now is in love with it so its a FOREVER car.
ive done lots of just basic things and it still fires up and peels out on demand. the engine is on its way out and its the 368 which I really don't like but it just seems like its never going to quit, what a beast!
it has the better 12 bolt and the th400 which I like a lot.
ill be restoring this car slowly.
plans are.....

500 cid Yeah!
same trans same axle. might go OD but not sure.

as for now, I found a nice black leather interior for fairly cheap and swapped that in for the tan one. Did MAJOR MAJOR engine wiring cutting. it has no emissions controls, no cat conv. , and the 864 thing was disconnected as soon as the car came back to life. I had a good exhaust system put in there anticipating a future engine swap. but that's it really!
so im hunting down a running Cadillac out there to transfer the heart and soul into the "brownie" which is what we call it.
its brown on the exterior of course.
Gotta rebuild the axle as one shaft wiggles
car dogtracks bad
front and rear suspensions are crap
steering is loooose
cant get the ac heat blower to work but it has ice cold r12 in there

I just have lots of ideas and plans but as usual low funds and tracking down parts.
im in Washington state so if any fellow Cadillac owners have an old caddy out in a field, I would be very interested.

well, pictures might come in soon. and I would really be appreciating future tips and ideas!



Robin Banx
05-25-13, 09:42 PM
Welcome to the group. Where in Washington State are you located?


05-26-13, 01:32 AM
Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and info in here. Enjoy your stay!!!

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05-26-13, 02:48 PM
Welcome, a pleasure to hail a timeless car owner :D

05-29-13, 10:12 PM
Yes everyone, this is a keeper. thanks for the welcome! now, ill be taking pictures of the brownie for you to see soon.....
Im actually curious about rebuilding the rear end. Has anyone done one? How difficult is this? im really hoping its just the bearings mainly because I do not want to mess with the differential and its internals. ill be checking that out as soon as I pull the diff cover.
I could very cheaply swap in a 10 bolt but ill be thinking of the day it too starts to go and its a weaker unit. also, if I do this it will be temporary!
now, this axle might come out of a newer caddy than mine for sure, and im thinking that the ratio on this future axle will be for an Overdrive trans.
if I do install this thing, what ratio will I be looking at? will it be noticeable on the 368 as in MPG or highway RPMs? I really want to drive this car but it just needs so much at this moment.
well, now I wait.....