: Are coil-overs / airbags hard on your chassis?

05-25-13, 05:06 PM
Just thought I'd see if anyone knows their stuff about lowering these things. I'm wanting to drop maybe two inches and I was looking at some of the coil over/ airbag deals for example ridetech. I'm not really trying to drop $$$ but thought I would research anyway. I'm total novice on aftermarket air bag systems but I noticed that their airbags have a built in shock just like a coil over. So on my 68 for example, the shock goes through the middle of the spring in the front, however, I believe the shock utilizes its own mount in the frame separate from the coil springs. I have pondered and discussed the same issue on my mustangs. If you place the entire weight load of the vehicle into the original shock mounting, you are theoretically overloading that mount as it was never designed as a weight bearing location. On the mustang you would be placing all the weight through the shock mount in the shock tower of the unibody instead of within the k frame. It appears to be the same basic concept for my 68 Deville except that its not unibody. The thing is that a LOT of people still do it. Thats not a good enough reason to follow suit on anything though